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*given by C-Rae, she gives RPG photos now!*

A place called Pixie Inland is in terrible danger.  Here's the History:  Pixies of every kind, (ill let you be what kind you want,) live in Pixie Inland, a peaceful place for pixies only.  But then, a terrible evil befell their land and now everything peaceful is threatening to leave forever.  But the Queen, after reading some History books, discovered something that gave all pixies hope: a magical Moonstone is the only thing that can cast out the enemy, but it's in the Outlands: a place where pixies have gone, but never came back from.  The Queen is sending all brave pixies there, but they need weapon training: no pixie, except the guards, ever need to do.  


1 pixies can't do spells or anything

2 you can't make other people's players say something

3 no bad talk here

4 nobody can be better than everybody else.  OK lets start!


Here's the Queen:

Name:  Queen Casha

Age: Unknown (any age allowed)

Appearance: (if u don't have a pic its ok, just give a detailed explanation please)

*plus a gold crown*

Type of pixie: Unknown, but its a possibility that she's a music pixie

Personalities: Wise, very kind-hearted, but if needed she can be firm

Bio: Only she knows her past.  

Other: No one in her family is out of royalty.  The only reason she's Queen is her unknown type of pixie and she's the nicest pixie around.


Here's another:

Name: Gjel

Age: 2,909, he's the longest living pixie ever

Gender: Male


*with huge wings*

Type of pixie: Warrior

Personalities: Trustworthy, helpful

Bio: He's an only child and he lives with his mother and father.  Grandpixies live on the edge of the Outlands, and because he visits them often, he knows the looks of the Outlands and what's living there.

Other:  He's the Queen's Right-Hand-Pixie


Here's another pixie I'll be playing (she's not royalty)

Name: Keesha

Age: 338 looks only 16ish


Type of pixie:  Woodland

Personalities: never shy, adventurous, and kind

Bio: She was born in Pixie Inland and still lives there with her whole family.  Her past has been rough but apparently she's fine.

Other: She really wants to be friends with Nia, but every time she tries, Nia asks her a tough question and because Keesha can't answer them, Nia flies away.

Here's the bad guy I'll be playing:

Name: Sarga

Age: 946 looks in early 20's

Gender: Male


*with black wings*  we caught this pic when he was in his rare good moods

Type of pixie: Shadow

Personalities: evil, yet he does have a speck of mercy

Bio: He used to be the Queen's Right-Hand-Pixie and he lived in Pixie Inland for a long time.  But one day he grew jealous of the Queen and planned to kill her, and he would have, if Gjel didn't show up.  At the time Gjel was a normal guard but he heard Sarga and he saved the Queen that night.  As soon as the sun rose they had Sarga banished to the Outlands.  Gjel became the Queen's new R.H.P. that day.  Sarga hates Gjel and wants to kill him.  He tried once, but Pixie Inland has a safety barrier and evil cannot pass.

Other: His eyes are like mood-rings, they change color when his mood changes, like red for angry, (that happens a lot,) grey for calm, light blue for happy, (almost never happens) dark blue for sad, e.t.c.  He also has a twin brother named Borok who's crueler and more hot-temped then he is.


And here's his wife:

Name: Alliah

Age: 944

Gender: Female


Type of pixie: i can't come up with a name at the moment but she can read minds and view or talk to people in their dreams

Personalities: Protective of her family, loving, and slightly curious

Bio:  She went with Sarga, her husband, when he was banished and she lived with him and her daughter Gwen for 3 years.  But one day she went flower-picking and she was captured by Borok, Sarga's evil twin.  She was kept in his castle until recently he put her in a force field intending for her to die, but he didn't know that Gwen would come.

Other: She only talks to people in their dreams if it's absolutely necessary.  She also can trick one's mind a.k.a. make illusions.


Now it's time for everyone else's pixies!

Here are Sunstryker's pixies:

Name: Gwen

Age: 473

Gender: Female


*Wings are behind her back*

Type of Pixie: Unknown

Personality: Quiet, withdrawn, because of this she seems cold and distant

Bio: Gwen was born in Pixie Inland, but moved to the Outlands when her father was exiled. She was very young at the time and doesn't remember much about the Inland, or why they left. She used to adore her father, but now she is beginning to to silently question his actions and motives.

Other: She has inherited her father's color changing eyes, but she often covers them with her bangs to hide her true feelings from her father.


Name: Nia

Age: 400 (looks 17ish)


Type of pixie: Star

Personalities: Smart, dreamy, enigmatic

Bio: Nia is an orphan pixie who lives in Pixie Inland.  She was taken in and raised by the caretaker of the Royal Library and apprenticed to him.  She loves reading and has read over 2/3 of the books and scrolls in the Library.  She has fantastic memory and can recall most of the pixie's history instantly.  Nia is not a very sociable pixie, preferring quiet reading in the Library to chatting and playing with other pixies.  She loves puzzles and will ofter speak in cryptic sentences and riddles.  She does thing partly because it's fun, and partly to test the intelligence of whoever she's talking to.  If they can't understand her she considers them boring, and not worth her time.

Other: Nia loves studying the stars.  Unlike most pixies, she prefers to sleep during the day and stay up at night.  She can capture starlight and even glow in the dark (very useful for late-night reading) .


Here are Silvermoon's pixies:

Name: Aliss

Age: 129

Gender: Female


Type of pixie: Frost

Personalities: Quiet but not shy.

Bio: Her family lives in Pixie Inland and has ever since she can remember.  She has 2 brothers, (1 older and 1 younger,) and no sisters.

Other: She doesn't get cold or hot easy


Name: Raevor

Age: 509 looks around 18

Gender: Male


*with wings of course*

Type of pixie: Fire

Personalities: Kind, quiet, mysterious

Bio: He lives by himself, his parents and brother died when he was 13 and he doesn't really know how.  He doesn't mind living by himself or talking about his parents but he doesn't talk to anyone very much.

Here are WhiteAngel's pixies:

Name: Angelica Roy

Age: 15 (this is in human years, in pixie years its 150)

Gender: Female



Type of pixie: Water

Personality: Kind, gentle, and sweet but will take charge if needed.

Bio: Angelica has lived in Pixie Inland all of her entire life, her parents use to live in Pixie Island  before she was born, the only reason they left was because the dwarfs from the island next to it started a war between islands. Her parents have always wanted to move back but the war just gets bigger and bigger, her father sent her to a special pixie school so she could learn how to use her water ability's, like moving water with her hands and taking balls of water from a lake or stream into her hands without it spilling from her hands (see picture above) well doing her studies so she could help stop the war and they could once again live on Pixie Island.

Other: She has always wanted to go on an adventure to test her abilities.


Name: Jessica

Age: 17 (thats in human years, shes 500 in pixie years)

Gender: Female



Type of pixie: Insect (she can control insects)

Personality: Strong, Protective of pixies she likes (very few), usually mean accept to the pixies she likes, loves a good fight.

Bio: Jessica was a friend to Sarga's wife before she went missing, Jessica felt really bad for Sarga ever since then and has become his royal guard to make sure nothing happens to him or his daughter Gwen.

Other: Despite what she looks like she is a very skilled warrior, she carries throwing knives, 2 daggers, and a sword where ever she goes.


Name: Borok

Age: 946 looks in early 20's

Gender: Male



Type of pixie: Shadow 

Personality: Evil, Cruel, and hot-tempered, almost never has any gilt.

Bio: He has despised his twin brother (Sarga) since he was young, he was kicked out of the inland's when he was 16, reason unknown, he has been in the outland's ever since.

Other: He has trapped Sarga's wife Alliah a while ago.  Reason is unknown even to Alliah.  He also has a daughter named Celeste.


And last but not least, Warrior Princess's pixie

Name: Celeste

Age: nobody asked

Gender: Female


*- the ears, + the wings, and they're orange*

Type of pixie: Fire

Personalities: Powerful, slightly intimidating, yet she's smart, thinks before she acts

Bio: When her father, Borok, was banished from the Inlands, she traveled with him and they still live together.  Celeste was in charge of taking care of intruders.

Other: She can make anything out of fire, such as a fire bird, a fire tornado, you get the idea

You can make your pixie however you want to but if she/he's mean she/he starts in the Outlands (although i don't think you want your pixie mean, do you?  If you really want to then that's OK)

I'll try to put up your pixie as soon as I can, but until I do, it will be down there

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(outlands).    Angelica nearly fainted when she saw the dragon. It brought back memories from her school when they taught about dragons, boy does she wish she was paying more attention that day. She just stood there, terrified.
(outlands)   Jessica went flying out to Celeste. " Are you alright Celeste?" Jessica asked Celeste when she saw her throw the letter.
Oh oops! I thought Celeste was Gwen! Just Ignore that comment:P

Where am I? Thought Gwen. She was surrounded by darkness. She couldn't feel, or see, or smell, or hear anything, the she was somehow aware of an evil presence surrounding her. She remembered destroying the magical force field that had kept her mother prisoner, but somehow, right at the end, her uncle's dark magic had converged on her pulling her mind into this dark prison. The Moonstone! He must have taken it. That's what gives him the power to keep me like this. But, if someone could take the Moonstone from him...

Celeste is in a dungeon-type area, so no one can get to her, just to let you know  


Keesha let go of Aliss and slowly stepped forward making her way to the dragon.

The dragon looked down at her with it's head tilted sideways as if to say, ' what are you doing? '

Keesha kept going forward until she was face-to-face with it.  Then she started singing a sweet melody.

The dragon growled loudly, but it listened with interest to the small little pixie.

(outlands).   Borok kept flipping through the pages until he came to a picture of Keesha, Angelica, and all the other pixies in the cave with the dragon. This time he pressed the top right corner of the page and it played out the scene that was happening.
(outlands).  Borok didn't like what he saw, the song she was singing would make the dragon fall asleep. So Borok took the moonstone from his belt (I forgot where he put the moonstone so lets just say it was on his belt) and held it up to the book and closed his eyes, he was sending a message to the dragon that she was trying to destract him and let the others get by, then he opened his eyes, put the moonstone back, and kept watching the book. (is that okay Emily?)

yupperdoodledo :)


Keesha saw the dragon stir, and then she quickly sang again.

Before falling asleep again, the dragon sent a message to Borok.  So.... beautiful.  Such music...... zzz

(outlands). 'That stupid dragon!' Borok thought to himself. He'd have to send some other ways to kill them.
(outlands) "Great job Keesha!" Angelica said quietly, "Where to now?"
(outlands) Borok thought for a little bit then smiled, he closed he book and took off his gloves. Then he went out off his room and walked down the hall until he came to Celeste's room. Then he knocked.


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