My name is Bailey Allen, and I am the fastest person alive. Some time ago, Dr. Harrison Wells built a particle accelerator that exploded, giving many people powers. They became known as metahumans, and most of them were dangerous.

At the time of the particle accelerator’s explosion, I was in Central City on my way to visit my cousin, Barry Allen. However, before we had a chance to meet, we were both struck by lightning. Somehow we ended up in the same hospital, and somehow both of us were in a coma for nine months.

Once I was stabilized my parents took me home and cared for me. When I awoke, I could run faster than the speed of light. I wanted to see my cousin and find out what had become of him, but he was at Star Labs. And since I had always thought Dr. Wells was an arrogant jerk, I did not want to go there.

So I let Barry be the Flash while I hid my powers from the world. But since Zoom invaded Central City and tried to kill my cousin time and time again, I realized that even the Scarlet Speedster can’t work alone. Thus I decided to journey to Star Labs after all.

Soon the Flash will be joined by his younger cousin. Soon the Scarlet Speedster will be racing side by side with one who could beat him at a race. Soon Central City will have another speedster...the Silver Streak.


Note: While this introduction makes it seem like Bailey Allen is the main character of this RPG, all the other characters are just as main and important as she is.

Note #2: The particle accelerator has already exploded (I say this because we had confusion about this with one of the players in the past). The RPG starts in 2017, and is sort of canon with CW's The Flash. Of course, when it starts, the Flash is out of town, so Bailey is pretty much going to have to take over protecting Central City, for a while.

Note #3: Everyone but Misty will begin either at CC Jitters or on their way there. Please try to have your characters interact with characters controlled by other players. Thank you.




1. Post either (in parentheses) or italics if you're posting something out of character.

2. Please keep out-of-character chat to a very bare minimum.

3. Ask me before joining.

4. Post character profiles on my page or on the blog post dedicated to discussing this RPG.

5. Everyone may have up to two characters, though for some I’ll make exceptions and allow three.

6. No mythological fantasy creatures.

7. Post in third person.

8. No cursing/cussing/swearing, extreme gore and violence, or anything super...intimate.

9. Ask someone for permission before doing something drastic to their character (i.e. killing them).

10. No out-of-character arguing or happy debating.





Name: First and last

Age: Preferably 18-45. 17 is the youngest I’ll accept.

Gender: Male or Female

Appearance: What your character looks like. If you don’t post a picture, please give a detailed description.

Bio: A summary of your character's past

Power/s: This won't be applicable for all characters. Please do not choose super speed as a power.

Special Skills: Like super powers, but not super powers. Examples include writing, persuasion, stealth and hacking.

Other: Extra bits of information that doesn't fit anywhere else


Name: Bailey Allen aka The Silver Streak

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Appearance: Fairly toned, slender. Light skin. Long, dirty-blond hair. Bright blue eyes. 5'8''. Usually wears a long-sleeved, knee-length black trench coat; a silver scarf; a black tank top; silver jeggings; and tall black boots. Her suit looks exactly like the one the Flash wears, but is silver where the Flash's suit is red.

Bio: Bailey was on her way to visit her cousin Barry Allen when the particle accelerator exploded. A lightning bolt struck her, sending her into a nine-month coma, and when she awoke she could run faster than the speed of light. Bailey refused to visit Barry when she awoke, since she'd never liked Dr. Wells, but decided to go after all after Zoom invaded Central City and tried to kill her cousin time and time again.

Power/s: Super speed. Fast healing. The ability to time travel.

Special Skills: Acting. Discernment. Absorbing information. Martial arts. Parkour. Hand-to-hand combat both with and without blades. Shooting guns.

Other: Baily is a journalist for the Central City Picture News, and has worked a few times with Iris West.

Name: Seraphina "Sera" Ember aka Flare

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Appearance: Fairly toned, slender. Lightly tanned skin. Long, jet-black hair. Light blue eyes.

Bio: Like her older twin, Talia Ember, Sera grew up wanting to be a firefighter. She went to the same school as her sister, and was transferred to Central City the same year. When the particle accelerator exploded, Sera was fighting a fire while her sister saved the survivors. The shock wave knocked her into the flames, and she had to be pulled out by one of the other firefighters and taken to the hospital. Once released, Sera quit her job at the fire department and took a job at CC Jitters.

Power/s: Similar to F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M., Sera can shoot fire from her hands. She can also send scalding energy blasts from her hands. (Note: Sera's powers will manifest themselves later in the RPG).

Special Skills: Fiction writing. Martial arts. Parkour. 

Other: Sera is the younger twin sister of Talia Ember. She has a fiery temper (which may or may not be related to her powers), and can withstand higher amounts of heat than the average person. Also, she is currently writing a superhero novel inspired by the Flash, and later Bailey's team.



Name: Echo Falls

Age: 20

Gender: Female


Image result for red hair green eyes

Bio: From a very young age, Echo knew she wanted to be an actress. Due to money being really tight, however, it seemed her dream would never be realized. When she began high school, Echo joined the local play house to pursue her dream as best she could, though her wish was to be onscreen. When she was a senior in high school, the director of one of her favorite TV shows happened to be in town and happened to attend one of the productions in which she was a lead. He was so impressed with her acting skills that he offered her a major role on his new TV show.

Powers: The ability to change her appearance, personality, and the sound of her voice at will.  

Special Skill: Acting.


Name: Alexander Pierre, Aka Sixshot

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Slightly long black hair, brown eyes and dark skin. Is about 5' 9". Wears a black trench coat, with black pants.

Special Skills: Great skill with any type of firearm. Karate.

Bio: Alexander grew up living with his rich parents in a large mansion. As he grew, he realized he had a talent for shooting, and quickly began target shooting as much as he could. When he got older, he decided to put his talents to good use, helping the police clean up the city, and enlisted his help as a bounty hunter to the local police department. He started taking down drug dealers and mafia bosses, and soon learned from one of the heads of a large underground crime organization of an assassin known as Chronoia. Alex knew who his next target would be. He set up a trap to catch Chronoia, and upon attacking, realized that they had no hope of beating each other. And when two more vigilantes appeared, he made a run for it. But the others quickly caught up to him, informing him that the police were after all of them. They escaped, with the help of Chronoia, and Alex soon joined the group of vigilantes know as....
The Freedom Fighters.

Name: Chayyne Fair AKA Chronoia

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long, straight, pink hair, blue eyes and light skin. Is about 5" 1'. Usually wears a black T top, grey jacket and black sweat pants.

Powers: Brain Enhancement

Special Skills: Parkour

Bio: After being shocked by her fathers invention shortly after her father was murdered, Chayyene Fair received major brain damage and trauma. Because of this, her brain shut off all unnecessary functions, setting her main brain functions into fast forward. Upon awakening, she found everything was a blur, causing her to freak out. Not making any sense out of her ramblings, and unable to cure her, the doctors sent her to an insane asylum, upon which after spending several months confined, she learned to harness her powers to make predictions, beat any opponent to the punch, and even dodge bullets. She quickly escaped with her new found powers and became an assassin for the mafia, needing money. After some time of being chased by the police, she stumbled upon Alexander Pierre, a bounty hunter for the law. They quickly found that they were equally matched, and were then quickly discovered by the Infamous vigilantes Iguana and Vex. The police busted into the building, seeing all all but Alex, and assuming that they were working together. The four managed to escape, and ended up forming a team of crime fighting vigilantes, simply known as..
The Freedom Fighters.


Name: Jacob “Jake” Johnson

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Appearance: Jacob is very tall and muscular with pale skin, messy brown hair, and bright blue eyes. He also has a slight stubble beard.

Bio: Born in 1991, Jacob lived in Coast City for most of his life. When he graduated high school, Jacob moved to Central City to attend Central City University. Having graduated college, having a steady job, and a girlfriend, Jacob thought things couldn’t be better. When he got into his apartment the night of the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator, Jacob had his windows open because he found it to be warm. He sat in his living room playing video games with his friends when the particle accelerator exploded. The blast knocked Jake into one of the wooden support beams in his living room breaking it. Jake woke up seemingly perfectly fine the next morning surrounded by wood which was mostly behind him.  Weeks went by without Jacob noticing anything different about himself. It wasn’t till he was walking home one night and a mugger pulled him into an alley did Jacob finally find out about his meta-human abilities.

Power(s): Superhuman strength, superhuman stamina, superhuman durability, and rapid cellular regeneration

Other: Jacob’s girlfriend left him after he told her about his powers because they weirded her out too much.

Name: Lila Harper

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Appearance: Lila is fairly toned and has wavy rose colored hair, aqua eyes, and pale skin. More often than not, Lila’s hair is draped over her left shoulder.

Bio: Born and raised in the richer part of Starling City, now Star City, Lila had a pretty easy life. She had good friends, good grades, and a lot of what she wanted. Due to her good grades, Lila was able to attend Hudson University in Central City. While she was attending, the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator exploded leaving her seemingly dead due to having fallen from a window fairly high from the ground. She woke up in the morgue unsure of where she was. Grabbing her belongings that were on the counter, Lila snuck out of the morgue. With her family thinking she was dead and cremated (the people at morgue freaked out when they saw Lila missing and didn’t know what else to do but cremate a Jane Doe and say it was her), Lila changed her last name and started a new life in Central City using the money she had taken from her bank account.

Power(s): Rapid cellular regeneration and plasma projection (comes from hands)

Name: Margaret “Maggie” Robinson

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Appearance: Margaret is fairly toned and has orangish red hair, light brown eyes, and pale skin.

Bio: Fresh out of college, Maggie continued working as a barista at The Grind & Jolt Cafe in Star City for a year before moving to Central City to live with her best friend Alicia and getting a job at CC Jitters. The night when the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator exploded had been jogging near the facility. When the particle accelerator exploded, was thrown off balance and hit her head on the pavement blanking out. Next thing she knew, she was in a hospital. After getting the all clear, Alicia drove her home. The next few weeks felt normal until one day when she was taking out the trash at Jitters. After realizing what her powers were, Maggie quit her job and told Alicia that she wouldn’t be back for a while.

Power(s): Lava generation and teleportation

Other: She continues to harbor an anger towards S.T.A.R. Labs for the particle accelerator explosion.


Name: Nikolaus Rhodes

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Appearance: Light Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, Slight Stubble, Muscular

Bio: Nikolaus Rhodes, who goes by Nick, was born to a well-off family and was the second oldest of four children and the first son.  He did amazingly well in school albeit he wasn't the most popular and kept his GPA at a 4.9 throughout High School with AP classes. After Nick graduated at the age of seventeen, he went immediately to college on a full ride scholarship majoring in political science and minored in Linguistics.  After college, Nikolaus joined the U.S. Navy and became a Naval Intelligence Officer on the U.S.S. Wasp, which was an aircraft carrier. The U.S.S. Wasp was docked at Coast City and Nikolaus took a leave of absence after he got a call that his brother was in the hospital due to a collision with a drunk driver.  He took a bus to Central City, to visit his brother and family. Two days after he arrived he saw reports on the local news that it they were counting down until the particle accelerator was activated for the first time.  During the day of the particle accelerator's test run he was out for a jog around the hospital when he saw the particle accelerator implode and was able to pull a young girl into a lowered section in the walkway which protected her from the shockwaves but he was flung a few feet and landed hard which rendered him unconscious. When he awoke and after a month of treatment and being with his family, he went back to work on the U.S.S. Wasp and noticed that he didn't get tired when jogging from the stern to the bow of the ship.  He noticed his other power during a routine training trial, a missile that was being carted to a plane malfunctioned and imploded.  Nikolaus, watching from the bridge, pre-consciously used his barrier power to direct the shrapnel and explosion upwards into the sky which saved the lives of twenty-three flight deck crew members who were in the blast radius.  The event was investigated but they couldn't find anything so they just reported it as a malfunction and the odd explosion due to a faulty blast directing inside the missile.  After that day Nikolaus became focused on strengthening his power any moment he could spare while he was alone.


Endurance - Takes 10 times longer for the enhanced to become winded than an average human.

Energized Barriers - Ability to make small to medium sized barriers which can absorb any energy.  The biggest barrier he is able to make is the height of a semi-truck and the length of a city bus.

Special Skills: Language

Other: Nikolaus is fluent in Arabic, Spanish and English which gave him a head start in his Navy career.

Name: Lincoln Parke

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Appearance: Red haired, Fit, Green Eyes.

Bio: Lincoln Parke was born to a high-end family being the oldest of the three boys and two girls.  Lincoln was homeschooled and quickly passed through school, graduating at sixteen years of age, reading as many medical journals as he could.  He immediately went on to college and got his B.S. in Human Physiology while taking pre-Med classes and graduated at twenty-four years old. He got into Medical school and started volunteering at hospitals and nursing homes since he was focusing on one area and had more free time.  He finished Medical school at twenty-eight years of age and started his residency at Central City's St. Andrews Hospital to become a doctor and later a trauma surgeon. Lincoln's plans were slightly changed when the particle accelerator exploded during the second year of his residency and the hospital was flooded with injured people and Lincoln quickly became main doctor on the ER floor as a Code Black was initiated and the 2 of the 3 Attending Physicians were injured by the shockwave.  Lincoln worked on many individuals, including on Bailey Allen, and tried to stay in contact with every patient he had.  After the particle accelerator incident, he started to notice his abilities. For instance, when he was assisting in a surgery and everyone was trying to find where the patient was bleeding from.  Lincoln’s ability got activated and was able to go inside and find the bleeding vain and they were able to save the patient’s life. The other power, he noticed, was when he was at the archery range and started to perfectly aim the bow and hit the bull's eye with every arrow he shot.  He also saw this power when he was doing a procedure on a patient, who was having a seizure, and was able to finish the procedure with no mistakes at all and was able to stabilize the patient.


Outlook - Able to move his point of view to places around him to see from a different location without moving.

Perfect Control - Ability to control his movements to a fraction of an inch without fail.

Special Skills: Perfect shot with any ranged weapon.  Lincoln is trained in knife defense techniques.

Other: Lincoln is a trained medical professional with experience in surgery. Loves archery.

Name: Kara McAllister

Age: 28

Gender: Female


Bio: Kara McAllister was born to a middle-class family in London to an American father and a British mother. Kara’s father was transferred to London for work where he met her mother and they quickly fell in love and married. Kara lived in London until the end of Primary school when her father was transferred back to the states and Kara and her mother went with him. Kara finished high school early and began college. She got her Master’s Degree in Cyber Security and Computer Sciences on a full-ride scholarship.  Kara worked for many companies, even for the government at one point, but then was contracted by S.T.A.R. Labs to upgrade their security for their servers and to prepare their computers for the Particle Accelerator event, which she finished 2 days before the event. Kara was creating a program on her computer while watching the Particle Accelerator event and when it subsequently exploded. She wasn’t immediately affected by the explosion, but when her powers manifested 5 months later she called Dr. Caitlin Snow. Caitlin brought Kara to S.T.A.R. Labs and, along with Cisco and Dr. Wells, helped Kara develop her powers. Months later, and Kara doing more contracting for big companies in and out of town which included a quick job at Queen Consolidated where she worked with Felicity Smoak, she was called by Cisco to help make the suit that the Flash would use.  Kara was kept in the dark, by her own request, on who the Flash was. She continued working with different companies and was contracted again by Queen Consolidated to assist in upgrading their firewall and other security measures. Kara became friends with Felicity during this job and stayed in touch after returning to Central City. When Cisco requested that Felicity upgrade their computers, Felicity called Kara to help upgrade the system - even though she didn’t need the help - but more so to catch up.

Power: Fabrication – Kara can form items almost instantly out of given materials into anything she wants, as long as the given materials would be able to originally make it.

Special Skills: Expert Computer Hacker and anything else related to a computer.

Other: Kara McAllister is as proficient as Ms. Smoak with computers.  Kara has an Americanized British Accent.


Name: Kelly

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: long tangled, brown hair. Lots and lots of nasty scars and bruises. Beautiful light blue eyes. Walks with a bit of a limp.

Bio: Kelly has been homeless since she turned 8. She was caught by her abusive parents while she was defending another student from a bully. They were upset that she made herself look like a fool and they beat her viciously. That night she ran away, vowing that she'd never stop helping people. On the day of the particle accelerator explosion, she had seen some men on top of a ten story building, one of them in trouble. She ran up to help. At the top she saw four men ganging up on another. She mindlessly rushed in to help. The man got away, but the men caught Kelly. They threw her over the side of the building. The explosion happened just as she hit the ground. She woke up the next day, alive, but in pain. She spent a long time under a bridge, healing. Then, once she miraculously healed, she went to ask for money at a bank. The bank was robbed. The thief asked for money, and when, the receptionist refused, he shot at her, triggering something in Kelly. Kelly ran and caught the bullet in her shoulder, saving the worker. The thief was startled and tried to shoot the worker again. Kelly blocked again, on instinct. The man was scared, as the second bullet had hit her in the head and she was still alive. He fled. That's how she found out that she is a metahuman.

Power/s: Human shield; can't die (unless mentally attacked too horribly); very strong endurance; if she sees someone hurt she also can just put her hands over their wounds and transfer their pain to herself to save them; force fields

Other: She suffers severe depression. Her weakness is her mental pain, to contrast her power, which is physical pain.


Name: Katherine (Kat) Hills aka the Black Kat

Age: 20

Gender: Female


Bio: Kat’s parents died when she was six, so she grew up in an abusive orphanage. She saw a metahuman (the Reverse-Flash) before the particle accelerator even exploded. Everyone thought she was crazy, to the point where she was placed in a mental hospital. One day, a group of scientists needed a guinea pig for their experiment. They needed someone with no family ties, no friends. Someone who was a nobody. Kat was a perfect candidate, and they took her against her will. As soon as Kat entered their machine, a teleportation device, the particle accelerator exploded. She disappeared, randomly teleporting to different places. She wound up in Barry’s office and, finding him on the floor, called 911 before another fit of randomness ensued.

Powers: Teleportation (though it is painful to teleport too far away), the ability to make small portals for other people, and the ability to make force fields (the biggest she can make is the size of a house); can process information five times faster than the average human. Small energy blasts.

Other: Her suit consists of black fingerless gloves that go up to her elbows, dark purple jeggings, a purple tank top, and black tennis shoes.


Name: Marissa "Rissa" Green

Age: 16

Gender: Female


Long blond hair that comes just below her shoulders, bright green eyes, red square glasses, about five foot four inches

Bio: Marissa was an exceptionally bright student. She would soak up the lessons taught like a sponge. She excelled in everything and entered a program to allow her to attend college early. At the age of fourteen she started college to get a degree in Quantum Physics and Engineering. Hoping to one day get her dream job of working for Star Labs.

As an early sixteenth birthday present her parents took her to Central City to see the particle accelerator come online and as a bonus she would get to see her uncle who lived there . When the rain began to pick up they decided to head back to her uncle's house where they were staying. Her dad was driving when their car was suddenly struck by the shock wave sent out by the particle accelerator. Her dad struggled to keep control, but they crashed into the side of a building.

Marissa awoke in a hospital where her Uncle Connor told her what had happen. Her parents were killed almost instantly and she was lucky to be alive. She had a slight concussion, her left leg was broken, and her left wrist fractured. He told her he was gonna take care of her and that when they would let her out of the hospital she would come to live with him. About a week later she came to live with him. Her wrist in a cast as well as her leg.

Eight months later she was at a college in Central City trying to finish her degree. She was on her way home when she started hear voices in her head. Everyone's thought came jumping out at her. She clutched her pounding head. Not thinking she ran across the street towards home. A truck came charging at her. The pounding stopped and she stared at the truck. She put her hands out to try and protect herself. The truck was hit by an invisible force. She was terrified and confused by what had just happened. People started heading towards her to see what had happened and if the driver and her were okay.

She wanted to disappear and get away from the forming crowd. So she started running for home again. She looked behind her-self to see if anyone was following, but no one was. She was invisible! When she finally reached home she got to her room and locked the door. Frantically she tried to make sense of all this. Then purple energy began to swirl around her. She thought she must be dreaming or some terrible monster was in her room. Suddenly the energy formed a monster. She pieced together what was happening and that this might have something to do with particle accelerator explosion. She concentrated for a moment and the energy dispersed. She was afraid what people might think about this so she didn't tell anyone and has keep her powers hidden while she slowly learns to control them.

Power/s: Telekinesis, Telepathy, Invisibility, Illustions, and hard light constructs made out of Psionic energy. Also can shoot energy blasts and create shock waves.

Special Skills: Very fast at learning, agile

Name: Talia Ember

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long black hair that comes half way down her back, Scarlet eyes, pale skinned.

Bio: Talia had dreamed of being a fire fighter since she was young. When she finally achieved that goal at the age of twenty-one she was transferred to the Central city fire department. On the day on the particle accelerator explosion she was helping to get people out a apartment building fire. She and the survivors she was trying to save we cornered in a room. A ladder was put up to the window and she helped them out. Flaming debris fell in front of the window. Talia just barely escaped being buried. But now she had no way out. Flames raged out of control and the heat got unbearable. Then a chill came in the room. Ice formed on the floor around her. Curiously she took a few steps forward. The ice spread following them. It encased the room. There she stayed until the fire was put out. She was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. They released her a few hours later and told her to go home to rest so she did. She believed that she hallucinated the ice. The next morning she awoke to find that her room had been cover with ice. She stared with unbelief. Slowly she accepted her new powers and learned to use them to do her job better, but most days she still awakes to find her room iced over.
Power/s: The ability to create constructs out of ice and snow. Freezing energy blasts.

Other: Talia is the older twin sister of Sera Ember. Also, she can withstand higher amounts of heat than the average person.


Name: Misty Abigail Illusion, A. K. A. The Breath Of Justice, The Assassin, Blade of Justice

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Appearance: Light skin; longish, light hair; blue eyes; five feet, six inches tall; slim; slightly muscular build. Has a metal armor sleeve covering her right arm; a leather gauntlet on left hand; a black, bullet-proof vest; black, knee-high boots; metal ninja/assassin-style mask; steampunk-style goggles. Has a long, thin-bladed sword with the blade being made out of Vibranium (one of my favorite fictional metals, what Marvel's Captain America's current shield is made of. Strong stuff.), along with various throwing knives/stars. She has many cuts, bruises, and scars, the most notable being a four inch scar running parallel, and just above, her jawline.

Bio: Misty was greatly abused by her father and his gang members, the Scorpions, but learned to fight back to survive from a very early age. She snuck into a church one Sunday, curious, herd the Gospel message, and received it, becoming a Christian at age 8. Her faith in the Christ created even more upheaval and abuse in her relationship with her father. Misty's mother committed suicide when Misty was only 13, and Misty ran away from her father's gang then. Since then, Misty has been on the run from the Scorpions and many of Central City's other gangs. During this time, Misty stole from gangs and other disreputable places to survive, and to equip herself. When the particle accelerator exploded, Misty was 14, and in a brawl in an alley with three members of the Day-Slayers, Central City's northern gang. Two of the three gang members were knocked out immediately by the explosion, but Misty continued the fight with the third Day-Slayer, eventually defeating him, and forcing him into retreat. The Day-Slayer made a break for it, running out of the alley and turning a corner. Misty gave chase, but an aftershock from the explosion rendered her unconscious as soon as she exited the alley. A passerby noticed her and called for an ambulance, which promptly picked her up and took her to the hospital. She woke up in the hospital a couple of days later, stripped of her armor and weapons, and with an IV tube in her arm, and a oxygen mask strapped to her face. As soon as she woke up, Misty surveyed the situation, removed the oxygen mask and IV tube, and located her belongings, re-equipping herself. She then set out of the hospital, escaping easily due to her new heightened scenes. Misty has since taken on the code name Blade of Justice, and started her gang/crime-busting spree anew. Misty has teamed up with a few other groups for more complicated maneuvers, including even teaming up with the Freedom Fighters at one point.

Power/s: Misty has much finer-tuned, stronger senses than she did before. Her brain can process information faster than the average human - which comes in handy in a fight, where time seems to go by in slow motion for her. She has the ability to mentally highlight/see weak points on a person, whether that is in their armor or in certain nerves that she can hit to do certain things to her opponent. Misty knew about weapons before, but now she is a weapons expert; she can use almost any kind of weapon she can get her hands on. Misty can remember anything to the tiniest detail of anything she has been through, even at one year old. She can bring up any memory she wants instantaneously. Also, her joints are stronger than the average human's; she can land high jumps with no problem, and she can hit harder with no fear of injury herself if she hits too hard, she can jump higher and extend and retract her joints much faster than the average human.

Other: Misty is ambidextrous. As for her personality, slightly bi-polar. She is quick-witted, sarcastic, strait-to-the-point, and distrusting, if she speaks. It is very hard to earn her trust, but once you have it, she is extremely loyal - even to the point of laying herself down for her friends.


Name: Jasmine Kyler (aka Jazzy Ky)

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Appearance: Short black-almost-blue hair, pale blue/grey eyes, average height

Bio: Jasmine had been living on the outskirts of Central City with her mom, dad, and baby brother Ollie.  She had been training to be the youngest professional DJ, so when she heard about an opening for a DJ in the city's most popular hangout, she jumped at the chance.  With her parents' blessing, she took off for the city. However, when she arrived, they turned her down.

Just after this happened, the Particle Accelerator exploded. Jasmine was standing next to the DJ booth, which was blaring out music. The shockwave from the Accelerator mingled with the sound waves from the music, which then turned and blasted her. When she came to, she had new powers which she couldn't control. Fearing for her family's safety, she stayed in Central City.

Powers: Sound. She can blast sound waves at her opponents, or send waves through the ground. (All the sound waves are colored thanks to the strobe lights at the DJ booth, so they're visible when she uses them.)

Special skills: Rookie boxer, and she can sing

Other: Jasmine has been a Christian since she was 13. Also, she almost always has her headphones with her.


Name: John King AKA Shadow 

Gender: Male 

Age: 19

Description: is 5'8''; has dark brown hair, green eyes, and pale skin; always wearing jeans and a black hoodie.

Bio: Shadow was abandoned on the streets when he was two. He lived on scraps and what he was able to steal. When he turned twelve he did jobs for the mob and fought in street fights for money until a pastor took him in when he was fifteen and told him about God. Not knowing his real name he took the name John King. The night of the particle accelerator explosion a burglar broke into the pastor's house. John came down stairs after he heard gun shots to find the pastor dead and the intruder pointing a gun at him. The man pulled the trigger just as the shock wave hit them. John woke a few minuets later and ran off. In the next months he learned to control his powers and use them to his advantage.

Powers: Can "phase" pass through people and objects, can become part of the shadows (hence the name), can manipulate shadows.

Skills: He knows all back streets and shortcuts, can handle any weapon commonly found on the streets.

Other: Has a cross necklace that the pastor gave him, he values it more than anything else.

Name: Steve Hills 

Gender: Male 

Age: 23

Description: Is 6,1, skinny, blond hair, blue eyes, pale skin, and his ears stick out slightly.

Bio: Steve grew up as a rich scientist's kid. His father was the leading scientist in microgravity. On the night of the particle accelerator explosion his dad was showing him a microgravity pad in his lab. Steve had been on for a long time and as the shock wave hit the pad malfunctioned and slammed Steve into the ground. He woke up a year later and went home. One day he was in his room and he tripped only to find himself floating. Learning to control his powers, he started to fall into crime.

Powers: He can control gravity.

Skills: He is trained in Mixed Marshal Arts.


Name: Jay Black

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Appearance: Short black hair. Six feet tall. Electric blue eyes that spark when using power. Likes to wear a black leather jacket and black pants.

Past: Jay is an orphan and was adopted by cruel scientists when he was 17 so they could do experiments on him. During his last test, just before he turned 18, they were doing a test on how much pure energy the human body could take when the particle accelerator exploded, giving Jay energy-related powers.

Powers: Jay can convert and move energy. (like Daisy from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., only energy instead of frequencies).

Skills: Jay is a great hacker.

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