Thieves of the Grave: Black Crystal Rose of the Frozen (Book 1)

    Long ago grave after grave after grave...coffins were destroyed in each one. Except for the very last one that contains a black crystal flower with a frozen corpse holding it. But,they never could get the crystal flower away from the corpse.Then they lost it in a sink hole at the entrance.Soon the people of Zaeria know who destroyed all of the coffins...minus the black flower.This is the work of the GraveThieves,the most notorious gang of the night itself.Until another group meets the challenge....only to find that it never happen when the GraveThieves simply disappear.

          Years later the Zaeria built a new cemetary,then made sure each coffin was safe.Soon after it happen,shadows of the old GraveThieves are back.This time,they will stop at nothing to claim the flower even if to destroy the coffins again.Also the group who once challenge them are now reformed and ready to defend the flower.Cause the crystal flower is a sacred legend.Some say it has the power of Darkness,while others say it can freeze people.Truth be told the flower has both powers combine into something worth claiming as their own prize. 

~Grave Thieves~

Iscariot Frost

Rumor Claythe

Goodfellow Lalit

Scarlet Taen

Jester Scream

Decay Axirym

Rune Sunyer-

Never Taren-

Ever Taren-

Shinichi Ryrie

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Chapter 1: The Graves (Part 1)

{Long Ago- Cemetary}


"Come on Robbie lets get this over with!"replied one teen.

"I can't!"said a second teen.

"Why not?"asked a third.

"I'm scared!"replied the second teen.

"Whats so scary about digging up a coffin?"asked the fourth and last teen.

Its not that!....there are things out there,"said the second teen.

"Scaredy cat!!"laughed the third and fourth teens.

"Lets just get this over with,"ordered the first teen.

His friends quickly followed with the second teen slowly took up the rear.

They soon reached the cemetary's double gate entrance.

Around the cemetary was a brick wall that is somehow still standing.

Luckily the gates were ulocked,so the teens slipped easily through.

Grabbing some flashlights then shovels,the group followed the faded path up a small hill.

From there they could see the graves,rows and rows of them flowing over smalls hills before disappearing into the forest.

First teen led the way down the last grave somewhere on the fourth or fifth row.

"Is this it?"asked the third teen aiming his flashlight on the grave stone,which was blank.

"Yep I'm sure it is,"said the first teen as he soon shoved his shovel into the ground.

His two friends followed his example quickly.

Second teen watched,then he too started digging with the others.

Within a few minutes of digging,the second teen or Robbie,hit something solid.

"Guys I hit something!"said second teen excitedly.

The other three teens joined Robbie before heaving out the coffin.

Only to have it shatter to pieces.

Four teens were about to yell when a voice above them says,"Nice timing you guys."

Confused,Robbie plus his friends looked up to see that they were holding up a guy with pink hair and golden yellow eyes.

He had on a white hoodie jacket,dark jeans,and a grey wool hat on his head.

The teens dropped the figure to the ground,which he flipped back into a crouch.

"Who are you?"demanded first teen.

"Goodfellow Lalit,"greeted Goodfellow smiling a crooked smile.

*laughs* Wait, was Goodfellow in a coffin? 

yep he is a GraveThief

okay???? this is too weird.

(Part 2)


Goodfellow smiled at the four teens before jumping out of the hole.

Robbie scrambled after him,the others taking up the rear.

They could see scars and brusies plus cobwebs all over Goodfellow.

"Who is he?"asked third teen.

Fourth teen snorted with laughter.

"You mean what is he right?"corrected first teen.

Third teen nodded his head.

"So you finally showed up...last GraveThief,"seethed a voice.

"How do you know I'm the last one?"countered Goodfellow without looking.

"Good question,"said a second voice.

Then two figures stepped out from behind a rather large tree wearing black cloaks to cover their features.

A puddle of ink soon appears infront of Goodfellow a second later.

It bubbled upward then slowly withdrew as a body was formed with teal black hair.

Clothes were soon formed then the eyes were glowing a bright red.

"Ink Prince,"growled the 2nd cloaked figure.

Meanwhile the four teens started backing away towards the gates.

Rumor smiled as ink dripped from his hair just as Goodfellow stepped up beside him.

"Where is it?"demanded the first figure.

Rumor held up a note that read:

'Like we are gonna tell you.'

The two figures grounded their teeth before rushing forward.

Leaping off the ground,they flipped over the two GraveThieves followed by the four teens.

They quickly landed in a crouch on top of the brick wall to see the lights of Zaeria.

"We will be watching you GraveThieves,"said both figures in unison.

As one they jumped off the wall then disappered into the forest.

"Glad your here Rumor,"said Goodfellow.

Rumor nodded as he held up another note:

'We need to get the others back.'

Goodfellow nodded in agreement."We will buddy...we will,"he said.

Ooo, interseting.

Oh...and you might want to think over the picture for Neem...

Oh, wow I definitely agree with Silver on the pic, you don't want any of the mods coming on here and you get in trouble. :(

Can't wait for more! XD

i fixed it :)


Ooo! I like that picture!! How do you find your pictures? Google Images?

Google and

(Part 3)

Goodfellow and Rumor quickly made their way into the forest with shovels in their hands.

They had work their way through all of the graves til they stop at the forest's edge.

Here between the trees was a lone stone that sat on a medium sized hill.

"Last one,"said Goodfellow.

Rumor nodded then started forward to the hill.

Goodfellow followed while birds rustle through the tree branches above them.

They started digging,only to stop when the end of a white silverly coffin was poking out.

Rumor heaved the coffin out by himself,while Goodfellow started filling up the hole.

Picking at the two rusty locks,Rumor manged to get them both off before trying to lift it up.

Goodfellow helped Rumor the rest of the way,all the while panting.

After catching their breath,they glanced into the coffin to see a perfectly frozen corpse.

But in it's hands was what held their attention.

It was a black crystal flower with purple mixed in.

"Now what?"asked Goodfellow clearly green in the face.

Rumor held up a note:

'Lets lift it up then carry it out of here.'

Goodfellow sighed,but nodded as he took his place at the end of the coffin.

Rumor closed the top while taking his place at the top part.

Together they heft it up then slowly started back tracking to the double gates.

There they stopped to catch their breath,the coffin on the ground by their feet.

Until it started sinking in a mud hole.

Goodfellow scrambled onto his stomach to reach out and grab one of the handles.

But it was already to late.

"Blast it!"exclaimed Goodfellow slamming his fist on the ground.

Rumor helped his friend to his feet before patting him on the back.

Goodfellow gave a small smile to Rumor just as the annoying black cloaked figures reappeared.

"Did you find it?"asked the second figure,who was sitting on a sturdy tree branch.

"Maybe,"snapped Goodfellow.

Second figure jumped off his branch,rushed forward,but stopped with a knife at Goodfellow's throat.

Goodfellow pulled out his own sword to shove the figure back.

Rumor threw a few note stars for good measure all the while slipping out of the gate.

Goodfellow followed Rumor out of the cemetary,together they took off running to the city.

They soon stopped under a gaslamp on a sidewalk of little shops when a scream startled them.

They ran to an alleyway where they saw their leader Cero being slashed across the throat by another black cloaked figure.

"LEADER!!!"screamed Goodfellow hurrying forward.

Rumor,also in shock,hurried after his friend.

Uh-oh...not good...


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