simple, like we had in the old forum.

Name two choices. The next person picks between the two and offers another choice.


Aviad: Coke or Pepsi?

Georgethekitten: pepsi.

pizza or pop corn?


moothecow: pop corn.

hunter brown or A pilgrims progress?


Coke or pepsi?


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The biggest thread on the old forums, eh?




root beer or cream soda?

Root beer.


green or brown?



Ice cream or pie?

Oooooohhhhhhh, ice cream.


Green eggs or ham?

green eggs >./p>


Purple or Blue? 


That looks like pink.




Apple or Orange?

Apple...unless the orange is a Christmas Satsuma...there's a difference.


HB or HB2



Star Wars or LOTR?



Christmas shoes song or nothing?

Nothing, I want Carol of the bells.


Trista or Hope?

YAY Carol of the bells! Ummm, in the second Trista, later Hope...they kinda change personalitys a little.


Boojum or Halt?

Sorry Boojum, Halt kills you dead with his bow and arrow. :)


Horace or Will?


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