simple, like we had in the old forum.

Name two choices. The next person picks between the two and offers another choice.


Aviad: Coke or Pepsi?

Georgethekitten: pepsi.

pizza or pop corn?


moothecow: pop corn.

hunter brown or A pilgrims progress?


Coke or pepsi?


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(You would be able to choose when to or when not to breathe fire)

You mean... earth powers or fire powers? OOOOO...  it really depends on the fine details... but I'll go with.. Earth powers, I guess!

Sooo... Toothless or Light Fury?

(I meant earth powers or fire powers, but I said bending because I was referring specifically to the earth and fire powers in Avatar the last air bender and the legend of korra)

Definitely toothless

Peanut M&Ms or Regular M&Ms?

(Ah! Never seen that) Good answer! Totally regular M&M's!

Harry Potter or Hiccup (Horrendous Haddock the Third)?

(They're pretty good shows. You should look em up if ya get bored) Thanks :D

Definitely Hiccup

Fantasy or Science Fiction?

Aw, yeah! We're gonna get along GREAT! FANTASY, no question!

Retractable claws and a tail or the ability to breathe underwater?

That's tough. Having a tail and retractable claws could potentially be great, but having the ability to breathe underwater would eliminate my fear of drowning so I would have to pick the ability to breathe underwater.

Chocolate milk or apple juice?

(good choice) It seriously depends on what I feel like at the moment, I like both, but right now, I'll say apple juice!

Would you rather have a water slide or all the books to your favorite series?

Yeah, it usually depends on my mood too. I'm feeling more like chocolate milk at the moment.

Hhhmmmm... Very tough question. At this time I would rather have all the books in my favorite series. (I feel more like reading than sliding at the moment)

Spring or Fall?

Haha! OOo, both have FAR too many bugs in my opinion... however... mmm...Fall, since there's so much painful anticipation in spring for swimming season :)

Would you rather have a 3D printer that can print chocolate (Yes, they exist) or a 3D printer with files to print all your favorite characters from all your favorite stories, in their best poses?


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