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The sun was just rising over the horizon, beating it's bright rays of light across the city. Most people were already up, out of bed and doing things that people normally do; go to work, do their school, things such as these. The city was already bustling with these people, cars driving down the roads, street vendors walking up and down the dirty sidewalks with their various foods and trinkets. Frequently a gang of troublemaking would stride by, harassing anyone unfortunate to pass by them. And all this could be seen with glorious view, from Courtney's bedroom window. Or, it could be seen, if not for the fact that Courtney was still sleeping.
    Curled up in a ball on her bed, Courtney slept peacefully, despite the sunlight now entering her small room from the window. But she was used to sleeping in until at least eight o clock. But even someone like Courtney knew that sometimes, getting things done was better than getting extra sleep. And when someone has a mindset such as that, they tend to be able to wake up sooner.
    So, as it were, Courtney stirred, and started to wake. She groaned softly and clutched the covers tighter, her eyes flickering open. "Oh no, it can't be morning already." she moaned. She was tempted to pull the covers back over her head and try to go back to sleep. But the days work beckoned her to do otherwise. 
            Courtney flipped the covers off, releasing the comfortably warm heat trapped within, and was greeted with the chill of the morning. She shivered and sat up, wrapping her arms around herself. Standing up, Courtney grabbed her everyday clothes off the floor in front of her and tossed them on the bed, which consisted of cargo pants, a tank top and a rather large black hoody. She took her time changing from her pajamas into her clothes. When she was done, she tossed her pajamas in a pile beside her bed. 
    Courtney reached under her bed and withdrew a small hand mirror and a brush. She cringed as she looked at her reflection. Her short cut black hair shot out in several different directions and looked like a birds nest. "Just what I needed." she muttered as she got to work undoing all the knots and tangles that sleep had rewarded her with. When she finally got it smoothed out, she brushed a bit into her face and called it done. She slipped the mirror and brush back under the bed. 
    "Courtney, are you up yet?" her mom, Grace, called from outside her bedroom door. "Yeah, I'll be out in a minute." Courtney said, half heartedly. "Okay, just don't be late for work. I'm leaving."
    "Alright." Courtney half mumbled as she grabbed her boots from beside the door and slipped them on. Content with having got ready for the long day ahead, she opened her bedroom door and walked out into a thin hallway. Two doors were on either side, one leading to her moms bedroom, the other a bathroom. She exited the hallway into the tiny kitchen slash sitting room. Her mom was just opening the door to leave. Grace was a short women, with cropped blonde hair and large glasses. "Oh, see you later, dear!" she said. "Yeah." Courtney responded, sitting down at the kitchen table. The door slammed shut a few seconds later, and her mom was gone. 
    Courtney sighed and grabbed an apple from a bowl in the middle of the table. One glance at the clock on the wall told her that her mom was not the only one who needed to get going. She took a bite out of the apple and exited the chair. She grabbed her backpack off of the small couch in the room and bounded out the front door, letting it slam behind her. She was greeted with the sight of her neighborhood; a polluted, run down trailer park. There were several more mobile home's lined up around her's, and none of them were in much better condition. "Home sweet home." she muttered as she adjusted the straps of her backpack. 
    Courtney walked around to the other side of her house, to the city viewed from her window. She took off in a well paced run, crossing the street and taking off down the side walk. As she ran, she couldn't help but think about her life, as there was not much else to think about. And she could, and would, stew on her thoughts until it put her in a bad mood, which was basically what she did everyday. 
    As she walked, she couldn't help but notice the over average amount of trash laying around; loose papers, crumpled cans and paper cups just sitting on the street. If she wasn't so used to it, she might have gotten angry. 
    Passing several building, she turned a corner and nearly ran into a group of people on the other side. She managed to stop just in time, skidding to a stop. "Hey, whoah, slow down lil' lady!" the man at the front of the group said. Courtney scowled as she realized that it was Romeo, the leader of the Evil Doers, a gang well renowned for their wide variety of drugs. Romeo was a wide shouldered african-american man, with a long goatee underneath his long, side smile. 
    "Well hey, my my, what a surprise! If it ain't my main man, Susan!" Romeo spat out, with a large smile on his face. "It's Courtney. Pop off." Courtney said, brushing past him. "Woah, woah, woah, that's no way to treat a friend!" Romeo said as he spun around and spread his arms. Courtney ignored him as she weaved her way through his thugs. "Come on, girl, that's just rude!" Romeo shouted as she exited the group and ran down the street. Romeo shook his head and continued down the street with his gang. 
    Courtney ran down several more blocks until she came upon an older man standing on the street, his hands in his pockets. Beside him was a sizable trash can and two trash pickers. The older man smiled as he saw Courtney appear around the corner. He looked to be around sixty years old, and had only a small amount of grey hair on his head. His face was surprisingly clear of wrinkles, however. He wore a turtleneck sweater and khaki pants. He waved to Courtney as she came closer.
    "Good morning!" he called out. "Good morning, Andrew." she said as she approached him, though it was said more out of not wanting to be rude then actually meaning it. "You ready for a great days work?" he said with a smile as he reached down and picked up the two trash pickers. "Yeah, my life has practically been building up to this moment." Andrew chuckled and handed the tool to her. "Cheer up! It could be worse." 
    "Yeah, I could be working with my mom." Courtney grabbed the trash can and started to walk down the street, dragging it behind her. Andrew walked beside her at a slightly slower pace. "Hey, it's work. Do you think you and your mom could live off of what you make picking up trash?" 
    "No." Courtney mumbled. She viciously stabbed a styrofoam cup sitting on the sidewalk and put it in the trashcan. "Then be happy that she's got a job, no matter how odd you may find it." 
    "It's not even so much that she works as a janitor, but she get's totally ripped off too." 
    "Yeah? How so?

    "For what she does, and how much work she does, she should be getting three times what she's paid now." Andrew nodded and rubbed his chin. "Life isn't fair, youngin'." 
    "Yeah, I of all people should know that." 
    "But it could be worse." Andrew said with a smile. "Believe me. I've been through a lot in my years."
    "So have I. And I'm only 17."
    Andrew nodded and continued to pick up the trash with his stick as he walked.

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Sorry. Don't have a Quotev account so I can't read it.

Okay, see, THIS is why I just linked the story!

Sorry guys, I thought non users could read it. I had it all nicely formatted and what not. :p

Users can't even see it

What the.....

No wonder no one has read it yet. XD I wonder why it's acting weird. 

"The page you requested is unavailable. It may have been deleted or moved locations, or you might not have permission to view it."

I WILL get to the bottom of this!

Okay, with some help; I found the problem; it was just a draft all along!

It's good. Needs more development though.


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