Here is a forum game about trading. You play like this.


TTUG: I have pizza.


Cypher: I trade a lit stick of TNT for the pizza.

             I have a cat. 

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trades cake for a big sparkly dragon

OO, you stiffed her :)

Trades big sparkle dragon for small adorable dragon

Trades small adorable dragon for Toothless's babies

trades Toothless's babies for puppies

(I would never have understood that decision if we weren't also playing that other forum:)

Trade puppies for Covid to blow over effective immediately!

trades Covid to blow over effective immediately! for geforce 3080

Trades geforce 3080 for a cure to this sad nostalgic feeling I have today

trades sad nostalgic feeling for a happier nostalgic feeling

Trades a happier nostalgic feeling for chocolate ice cream cause I'm still sad and feel like making a milkshake

Trades chocolate ice cream for a chocolate fountain

trades chocolate fountain for fountain of youth


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