In this game someone will make a statment. The next person to see it will say if it is true or false then he/she will leave another statment for someone else. You're going to have to be postive you are right.


Have fun!


First statment: Veritas Swords are blue.


(It can be about anything)

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False false false!  Actually, it's true. 


Snarks are cute and fully awesome critters.

true and false 



TTUG is epic

That was a brilliant answer. XD


Are these questions opinionated?  Because I think TTUG is purrty awesome, I just dunno if you do.... ;P

He is cool


All right!  Then it be a true fact.


Cheeseburgers come to life when I am around.





I'm Not Hungry 




I Am hungry.





I want veggies 

Hehe, it were false.  And that is also a false fact.


Join the Dark Side, and you shall receive a free cookie!






I want Hershey chocolate   


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