Okay so what happened was We are Hunters worriers Miners and wood cutters and Stuff like that we are in the Dark ages and we were in the woods and the Earth opened up and swallowed us all and now we have to work to gather to survive in the cave 


1:Do not kill other peoples Characters

2:No Cursing

3:You can join at any point

Normal Monsters




Giant Spiders

Rare monsters

Cave Dragons


Fire Elements

Ice Elements 

Giant Poison-is Spiders   



My Character's

Name: Josh
Age: 25



Bio:He came from a long line of Hunters, and he can smell Bears Deers and etc.
Weapon: Sword Bow and Arrows
Gender: Male

Occupation: Hunter 

Family: Evania is His Sister

Name: Amara

Age: 20



Occupation: Bar tender

Family: She is Married to Zack 

Bio: Her Mother Died in Child birth and Her Dad was killed when the Kingdom was under Attack

Weapons: Small dagger

Name: Zack

Age: 20



Occupation: Guard

Family: He is married to Amara

Bio: when he was a kid he was all ways in to the guards job and his dad was a guard and so was his mother

Weapons: Bow and arrow sword and shield

Falling Stars Character's 

Name: Evania

Age: 19


Bio: Both her parents died from a terrible disease that struck the village 9 years ago. Since then she has been raised by her older brother, a hunter. He taught her how to forage for food in the forest, and how to defend herself. At the age of 15 she began working for the aging village healer. At age 18 he made her his apprentice. She usually spends her days copying down his recipes, remedies and spells into books for when she will take over his duties, or gathering herbs and other supplies in the woods. She has learned much of his medicinal knowledge and he has taught her spells for minor healing, and also a few that create spheres of light to aid her in her word.

Weapon: Long hunting knife (a gift from her brother), Tall walking staff, (Has some archery skills, but does not carry bow or arrows)

Gender: Female

Occupation: Apprentice Healer
Family: Josh Is her Brother

Satar's Character's

Name: Isabella

Age: 21


Bio: When growing up Isabella was the only girl in a house with 4 guys, her mother having been attacked by a pack of wolves leaving her father to raise her two older brothers, herself and her little brother left her father determined to teach her brothers and her on how to defend them self and each other.  She had chosen one weapon that her mother loved to use which was the atlatl and then she chose a dirk later on for close range.

Weapon: Dirk and Atlatl

Gender: Female

Occupation: Village Caregiver (Takes care of the village elders and children if the children's parents are busy and she takes care of the elders who get to old to take care of themselves.)

Family: Wife of James, No other relatives in village.

(This is a Dirk)

Name: James
Age: 22

Bio: James' life started as a mystery, he was left at a doorstep when he was a baby and no one knew where he had come from to this day. Some people say that it was the reason he grew up as a loner not wanting to get close to anyone afraid that they might leave him, but at the age of 14 he started to open up a little at a time but he still was on the shy side a bit. When he turned 18 he met his future wife which he married when he was 21.
Weapon: Bow & Arrows, twin short swords and a rope dart.
Gender: Male
Occupation: Guard
Family: Husband of Isabella. No known blood-related family members.
Other: In between the age of 11 and 17 he went to practice on a tree with a variety of weapons, starting with the swords and the bow he started using a rope dart around the age of 15.

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J: and the Wolf had a slab of rock on its leg


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