Who are you? Here you can post a character profiles of exactly who you are. Who is Ringwraith? Who is Sabrina? Who is blade? Who is Starlight? Let me tell you.

Character profiles

Name: explain the meaning behind your username. Not the one you're using right now but the one everyone calls you, the one that you're known by.

Creature: if your character is human or not. If you made up a creature please explain it to us as best you can

Appearance: you can have as many pictures as you like but please don't have a whole long line of pictures:-D. Pictures are advised.

Bio: all about your characters past.

Weapon: you can have a picture of their weapon but if you can't find one please describe it as best you can :-)

Powers: if your character has magic powers or something put them here.

Personality: what does your character act like are the distrustful? Or the glass is half full kind of person? Are they tough or something?

Skills: what is your character good at?

Favorite pastimes: what does your character like to do in their freetime?

Dreams: what does your character want to do with their life?

Pets: if your charecter has a pet or something

Other: anything that doesn't fit in anywhere else

World: what world is your character from. Feel free to make up your own as well.

You can add or take away whatever you want in this list. Please post your characters and show us who you are!

Name: Starlight (Star) Bethlehem
Due to my real name (which I'm not going to tell you:-P) I've always felt a connection to stars.

Creature: human with magic powers





The girl in the bottom if you put her in the first girl's place with the same wings then that's her! She wears the same dress as in the third picture and she gets the other dress in the end of the RPG. and has a long indigo cape.

Bio: Starlight remembers nothing about her childhood. When she was 10 she woke up in the middle of the forest with couple scrapes. The only thing she remembered was her name and a song.

She is often tormented by the fact that she has no family, no friends, no memory, no nothing. She doesn't even really know who she is or where she's from. She lived alone in the forest trying to fish and trade with people from a town nearby,but no one wanted to give to a homeless girl. She ended up stealing from people, that is until joy found her. Joy was trying to hide from some hunters that starlight remembered getting in some trouble with awhile back. They ended up hiding in a small cave, but they were caught and kidnapped they intended to sell Joy and Starlight but they managed to get away. Joy stayed with Starlight having found her soul owner. They now live in a cove (much like HTTYD) with several caves. They found one that was big enough to hide both of them.

Weapon: starblade,
(can she be the only one with a starblade? Please? Well except KW, she already asked of she could have one)

Purple ninja stars(This is a complete coincidence)

Powers: basically regular powers moving things with your mind, teleportation, making small energy blasts( the energy is purple) etc.

Personality: is sarcastic but extremely intelligent. Has away of just taking charge, understands animals better than humans, especially dragons which is why she visits her friend Hiccup a lot.

Skills: is a great fighter and leader. loves to sing

Favorite pastimes: walking through the woods. Riding Joy. Singing

Dreams: to be a great warrior and someday be a famous singer

Pet(s): a starbird named Joy, the starbird is a creature it's basically a Thunderbird that is purple and has a white star shape in between its eyes. There is only ever one starbird at a time. Right before starboard or dies they have a baby and that baby is born on the exact same day as their soul owner. They live almost exactly as long as humans on the day that their soul owner dies so they die after giving birth to another starbird.

dog named Chloe

lobster named Clampy

Other: she has a star necklace that the only thing she remembers about it is it was her mother's. She never takes it off.

World: Bethia, a world me and Hope made up.

Ringwraith's character

Name: I called myself Ringwraith when I first joined the site for several reasons. 1. I am incredibly sneaky. 2. I like wearing capes and hoods. 3. The Nazgul are one of my favorite middle earth creatures. There are several other reasons that I top secret and I may not expose to anyone.

Creature: 100% human, I assure you.
Appearance: http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/rolsao/images/e/e1/Anime_boy_wi...

Bio: Ringwraith grew up with a very strong sense of justice and a longing for peace. He left home to fight injustice in the world and become a symbol of good. Ringwraith travels the world, fighting villains and crooks wherever he goes. Because of the fact he's a vigilante, many people hate him and try to catch him.
Weapon: Gladius Sword, Throwing Knives
Powers: None.

Personality: Funny and Witty, but also serious and mature

Skills: Fighting, parkour, gymnastics, debating
Favorite pastimes: Draw, excersize, sing

Dreams: Dreams of making the world a better place, and not being just another drop of water in the ocean. Actually making a difference in such a dark world of despair, where right and wrong are twisted and society loves the evil and hates the good.

Pets: Susan the Aquatic Frog Princess
World: Lordran

Nikki's character

Name: Nikki. It's my username because I liked it at the time.

Creature: 98% Human, 2% Kangaroo.
Age: 17

Appearance: Medium length light brown hair, brown eyes.

Bio: Nikki has been apart of a spy organisation since she was five years old. She would spend hours learning to be the best spy that she could possibly be. She became very skilled in hiding, creeping, and eavesdropping. She helped solve plenty of mysteries in England, America, and worlds much further away. But she soon retired not long after her sister ran away from home and ever came back.

Weapon: Small knife stuffed in her boot, bow and arrow, spy gadgets, and slingshot.

Powers: Can read peoples' minds

Personality: Shy, laid-back, somewhat sensible, stubborn, somewhat competitive,

Skills: Kick boxing, karate, codes and languages.

Favourite pastimes: Reading, adventuring, climbing rocks,

Dreams: Dreams of becoming an Queen of Narnia.

Pets: if your charecter has a pet or something

Jessi's character

Name: I started calling myself Jessi after Pastor Jesse became pastor at my church. Since Jessi is a feminine form of Jesse, and short for Jessica, that's what I decided to go by.
Creature: Elf (the kind found in Middle-Earth)
Age: 16
Appearance: 7 feet tall; toned slender form; sharp features and pointy ears; waist-length light blond hair done up similar to Tauriel's; deep blue eyes; lightly tanned skin
Bio: Jessi grew up with a very strong since of independence, and a passion for freedom, liberty, and justice for all. Angered by the unjust and unconstitutional acts of the corrupt government of her home country, she joined the Resistance and, due to her skills, quickly moved up the ranks to one of the major leaders. She has also published controversial novels that put her on the government's list of people to find and execute.
Weapons: Throwing knives hidden in the secret sleeves of her tall boots; guns on thigh-holsters above her knees; pocket knives and spy gadgets in her belt; a quiver of arrows on her back and a longbow over her shoulder; two katanas also on her back; a tiny knife that hangs from her neck like a pendant
Personality: Always calm and composed; whether she's funny and witty or serious and mature or sarcastic and feisty depends on her mood
Skills: Martial arts, parkour, all kinds of combat with weapons; acrobatics; debating; acting; writing; hacking
Favorite Pastimes: Writing; acting in plays; reading
Dreams: Overthrowing the government and making life better for all the people; becoming an actress; becoming an author that isn't wanted by the government
Pets: A black German shepherd named Destroyer, but called Troy for short

Sabrina's Character
Name: Sabrina Nova. I chose this name because of Rob's younger sister Sabrina in the Hunter Brown books. At that time I had just gotten my first pair of glasses and they were purple like in the book and her personality matched the one I had when I decided to use that name. (I forever chose that name after blade read the book with Sabrina in it and then blade told me about it.) Nova is my last name because of Nova from ultimate Spiderman. I'm dead serious about that. It also sounds cool and my siblings thought it'd be funny.
Creature: part human, part timelord, part chronovillian, part cybress, and part of an undetermined species.
Age: 15
Appearance: five foot one and is still growing. Dark strawberry blond hair. Eyes that tend to Chang colors (this is serious. My eyes change from green to blue a lot when I was younger not as much now.) They usually are a dull green. Thick framed, maelstrom purple glasses with galifraien writing on the sides done in silver.

( This is kind of how my character looks just add glasses.)
Bio: Sabrina has had nothing but a wonderful childhood. Five loving siblings, a mom, and a dad. She started homeschooling a year early so she does the work for say fourth grade, but tests third. She is an over achiever when it comes to grades, but not much else. Her dad works two jobs so he doesn't spend a lot of time with her which has made her shy to approach him and might have something to do with why she's shy around others at first. She's trying to overcome it. Her oldest brother went off to college and has made talking about him difficult because she misses him. All her siblings have their own things to do, but try to spend time with her. She discovered she is effected by the people around her emotions. She'll feel sad for no reason and covers it up with a smile. Instead she creates stories in her head where she's the main character with a tragic back story to express her pain. Little does she know those stories are real in other dimensions. She spends a good deal of time daydreaming especially when she's supposed to be doing schoolwork. She is in the tenth grade. Her second oldest brother gave her a homing crystal necklace so she can return in an instant from where ever; however; it's a one use only. She’s only to use it if in trouble.
Weapon: Three-foot-long Black wooden bokken sword with a brown hand guard and a red ribbon tied around the handle. (I’ll probably upgrade her to a real sword eventually.)
Powers: Shadow clone and speed bursts. (Pretty much a combination of ruby rose and Blake belladonna)
Personality: She is typically an extremely optimistic person. Although she is bipolar due to being affected by the emotions of the people surrounding her. Very sarcastic. Has a sense of humor, needs to work on the timing of her jokes though. She knows when to be serious and is most if the time, but doesn't let it show.
Skills: Cooking, fast reader and fast learner. Partial photographic memory. (Sometimes she can exactly remember things and other times not so much. It greatly depends on the amount of rest she's had) Graceful not agile there is a difference believe me. Inline skating
Favorite pastimes: Daydreaming, reading, playing with her siblings, roller blading, computer games, chess, sketching, writing, singing, dancing, biking, swinging on swing sets, climbing trees, and sleeping.

Dreams: Sabrina dreams of ice skating. She never has, but always hopes to. She dreams of finding her purpose in life and the man she's ment to marry. She wishes to make everyone around her happy.

Hope's character

Name: Hope

Creature: only human
Age: 15

(This is how I picture myself)


Bio: Hope is.....hard to explain. She's pretty much a mix of all my characters pasts. Mostly the httyd one. That's the best I can do for now

Weapon: Sword and shield. She carries pretty much everything in her bag as well.

Powers: same healing thing as Kelly

Personality: Hope is lonely for a friend. She always assumes the best of people out loud, but is never surprised when she's let down.

Skills: expert swordsman. She can work well with most weapons. She is great in combart. Pretty much just awesome. She sometimees walks entirtly in flips amd cartwheels.
Favorite pastimes: she doesn't really have any hobbies. She doesn't have enough time. She likes to sing and draw though
Dreams: once again, she doesn't dream much. She doesn't expect to live to be an adult. She just wants to be a hero, even or especially if she dies doing it

Pets: icewing.

World: the barbaric archipelago (HTTYD)

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Hey, not sure if you're open to new members for this RPG, but the setting looks really promising, and I'd like to join if I may.

Name: Falling Star (I like stars and tragic characters... pretty sure this name came from a different username that I've forgotten) Could also be called Anara (it's an Indian name that means shooting star)

Creature: Emerlindian (These people are born with pale skin, white hair, and pale gray-colored eyes. As an Emerlindian ages, he or she will darken. They have pointed ears and are usually gifted with magical ability.)

Age: 24


Usually wears a moonbeam cape as well. (light gray, almost white cloth. when moving the cloth seems normal, but held very still, it blends into the surroundings, much like the elven cloaks in LOTR.) The cape also contains 2 "hollows" - appear to be normal pockets, but are really pocket-dimensions that can hold almost anything, as long as it will fit through the opening, without causing bulges in the cloak or adding weight to the garment.

Bio: Anara is the oldest of seven children. Her connection to dragons was discovered at an early age and her family moved to the capital city of Vendela so that she could train at The Hall as an official Dragon Keeper of Paladin. After graduating from The Hall when she was 18yr, she moved into Sir Joffil's castle to begin raising her own teams of dragons

Weapon: Dual swords and shield. She usually stays behind the front lines, supporting and healing her allies, but she is trained to defend the weak and injured when necessary.

Powers: Empath (can read peoples feelings, able to alter emotions if she has direct physical contact with them), healing magic, she can also use her Empathic abilities to communicate with animals.

Personality: Caring, understanding, nurturing, 'the mom friend'

Skills: Skilled in healing herbs, decent cook and can perform basic sewing, basic defensive combat skills

Favorite pastimes: Avid reader, loves learning new things like other languages and such

Dreams: To teach the next generation of Dragon Keepers & Trainers. she also hopes to be married some day.

Pets: smallest of the dragons — the size of a young kitten. The different types/colors of minor dragons have different abilities

  • Lumen,  A white Minor Dragon. Has the ability to glow in the dark
  • Aénor,    A purple Minor Dragon. Has the ability to learn and sing any song she comes across.
  • ResedaA green Minor Dragon. He has the ability to heal wounds.
  • Talibah,  A pink Minor Dragon. She collects information, some of which is quite trivial.

   (Would it be too "overpowered"/unfair for her to have a Major Dragon as well?) If not:

  •   Astra, elephant-sized dragon used for personal transportation. She is a deep blue, almost black with silver accents on the tips of her scales, spines, and wings.

World: Amara, from The DragonKeeper Chronicles


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