One of yours, TTUG.


So, here's how it works.  I make a statement about myself and then ask "Who are you?"  Then you make a statement about yourself and repeat the question.


"I am a person who is sad.  Who are you?"

"I am a person who is happy.  Who are you?"


Pretty simple, but fun.  Okay, let's go.




I am a person who currently hates Spanish.  Who are you?

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Someone with a functional brain.

Who are you?

A person with ten operational fingers.

And you, Codebearer?

A person who is capable of forward momentum using the two long appendages located on the lower half of my body.

Who are you, again?

Oh, just somebody with a ticklish fancy for amusingly technical language.

Remind me who you are?

Someone who could attempt follow that up with a sentence even more complicated, but decided not to.

Who are you?

I'm just awesome.


I'm just over here.

And you?

I am online, presumably.

Who are you?

I am on a laptop, also presumably.

Who are you?

I am thankful.

And you?

I'm happy.

How about you?

I'm alive and well.



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