Welcome, to "Would You Rather"! This game is similar to This or That, but is more detailed...

Here's an example of how it goes.


ToeFace: Would you rather spend Christmas with your grandpartents, or spend Thanksgiving with your aunts and uncles?


FingerFace: Spend Christmas with my grandparents. Would you rather choke to death on a sucker, or be eaten by a shark?


I'll start.

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You will? Ok I shall. 


WYR have death by monkies or spratans?

Would you rather run down the street screaming "THE BRITISH ARE COMING THE BRITISH ARE COMING", or... knock on your neighbor's door and tell them "happy new decade"?

"The British are coming" have yet to do it. And that was really bad.


WYR Have death by monkies or spartans

Death by monkies.


WYR eat spider casserole, or slug ice cream?

knock on the neighbor's door and say happy new decade!!!
I would knock on my neighbors door and tell them happy new decade Would you rather meet a lion or panther?

Slug ice cream


WYR meet someone with a name that starts with A and is a retard or someone whos name starts with J and is awesome

Someone who's name starts with A.


WYR be stuck by yourself all day, or come over to my house and PARTAY but have to listen about me talk about the person whose name starts with A?

............Ooo, that's a hard one.  But I'd rather go and PARTAY, cause being stuck by myself all day or way boring.


WYR have cheese and crackers or chips and dip?

Cheese and Crackers


WYR have a closed slide or open slide?

Open slide.


Would you rather spend 10 minutes talking with J.K. What'sHerFace, or spend the whole weekend with the Miller Brothers?

Rowling. J.K Rowling. Sorry, but I have read more of her books and liked her for longer.


WYR spend 20 minutes with "that one idiot" or a 2 weeks with the Miller Brothers in your favorite place in the world.


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