Welcome, to "Would You Rather"! This game is similar to This or That, but is more detailed...

Here's an example of how it goes.


ToeFace: Would you rather spend Christmas with your grandpartents, or spend Thanksgiving with your aunts and uncles?


FingerFace: Spend Christmas with my grandparents. Would you rather choke to death on a sucker, or be eaten by a shark?


I'll start.

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3 donuts


WYR eat a squirel or eat a chipmunk

Squirrel, that's what they always do in the movies.


Would you rather eat dinner or breakfast?



> or /p>

That's This or That...



Would you rather eat cauliflower or peas?

Cauliflower, i like something that doesnt have the word pea in it.


WYR eat a taco or burrito

Burrito.  i like em homemade.


Would you rather cheese, or crackers?



WYR have a a smiley or a super smiley squirrel

A super smiley squirrel!


Would you rather five minutes at home, or one minute in a strange new territory?

One minute in a strange new territory.


Would you rather name your pillow Fred, or Arthur?

Fred is way better then Arthur.  Arthur fails compared to Fred.  If I could rename myself, I would be Fred. 


Would you rather one minute of sky diving or five of scuba diving?


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