Welcome, to "Would You Rather"! This game is similar to This or That, but is more detailed...

Here's an example of how it goes.


ToeFace: Would you rather spend Christmas with your grandpartents, or spend Thanksgiving with your aunts and uncles?


FingerFace: Spend Christmas with my grandparents. Would you rather choke to death on a sucker, or be eaten by a shark?


I'll start.

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WYR  read The Hunger Games or watch Sailor Moon?

Read Hunger Games.

WYR: Watch The Hunger Games or Divergent?

I'm not going to answer that because I'm not allowed to see either.

WYR watch Girl meets world or My little pony


WYR eat cake or cheesecake?


WYR Eat Ice cream or cherry cobler

I want both!!

WYR ride your bike or walk.

i'd rather roller skate

WYU  watch what's in the Bible or Bibleman


WYR take a nap or take a nap!!!

I rather go outside and play

WUR Eat pizza or ice cream pizza

pizza! Regular pizza is awesome!

WYR be a dog or a cat


WYR be a dog or a bird

I would rather be a bird.

Would you rather live in an area where it rarely rains but the temperature never rises above 60 degrees OR an area where it rains often and the temperature never falls below 70 degrees?


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