WWYDI- What would you do if



Aviad: WWYDI Facebook closed down?


MooMootheCow: Use my time for useful things. 

                         WWYDI a cow sat on your head?




Get it? cool.

I'll start.


WWYDI Your computer got stolen?

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Be grateful I have a pond and a giant sandbox at my house/Stop Drop and Roll

WWYDI you had to be either sparkly or hairy?


...I guess I'd be sparkly then?

WWYDI you were given the choice between being given the ability to create fire or create water?

Probably pick creating water. 

WWYDI you suddenly forgot how to type?


WWYDI you found a $20 on the ground?

(Pardon me as I wipe away tears of joy :) See if I saw anyone who looked 20 dollars low and give it to them.

WWYDI you didn't have internet access for six days?

I would read so many books!!!!!

WWYDI the world ran out of radishes?

Probably say something along the lines of "Huh. Wack." and move on with my day.

WWYDI everything just became normal again?

Probably panic because I'd be expected to go back to interacting with humans in person again. (But I'd also be happy that I can actually go see my siblings and best friends again. It's all the other humans that are the problem)

WWYDI you suddenly had a superpower

I'd probably try and figure out what the superpower is, and test it in secret.

WWYDI suddenly, a burger appeared in your hands with no reasonable explanation?


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