WWYDI- What would you do if



Aviad: WWYDI Facebook closed down?


MooMootheCow: Use my time for useful things. 

                         WWYDI a cow sat on your head?




Get it? cool.

I'll start.


WWYDI Your computer got stolen?

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Stay in my house with a machete.


WWYDI The internet shut down for a year?

Probably fall down screaming.

WWYDI you were attacked by Bruce the shark?

Let him take it and get another one. Why would he want my bed?


WWYDI you couldn't listen to music anymore?

I would die. 

WWYDI YOU couldn't listen to music anymore? 

I would probably do the same.

WWYDI World War 3 started right this very minute?

Be dead.  If that happens it ain't gonna last long.


WWYDI you ran into the president at Wal-Mart?

You don't want to know.


WWYDI the Rapture came right now and you didn't go  

Wouldn't have much control over that, would I now?


WWYDI you had the chance that Solomon once had?

And what might that be?

Solomon, from the Bible.  The guy God gave whatever he asked for.

oh, so you mean WWYDI I had Solomon's wisdom?

I would be the wisest man there ever was!


WWYDI you were in Heaven?

I'd find out what would cause it and avoid it.


WWYDI you could only speak ubyduby?


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