Okay, So I'm a little bit of a video game nerd, and have basically every Zelda game thus far, and am counting down the days for the 3DS bearing ocarina of time to come out...I even have Zelda music on my ipod! Where do you stand with Zelda?

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I've heard that it's fun, but never played it myself.
the new zelda comes out soon im pumped
Which one? Skyward sword is coming out, but so is Ocarina of time on 3DS
I've heard about that 3DS, think it's gonna be any good?
i was thinking skyward sword ^_^
Yeah, it looks better than twighlight princess, a lot closer to ocarina of timeish
I dun got OCARINA OF TIME 3D!!!! I also intend to get Skyward sword when it comes out on November 20th. Anyone get a 3DS yet?
OMGoodness!! Link is my hero <3
Actually, I've never played the game myself, but I've read all the game plots on wikipedea.

I've played the demo of oot3D (ochorina of time 3D)at target




you know the trailer music for skyward sword right? play it backwards.


yes, zelda's lullaby is heard by playing it backwards.  


I knew that indeed.


Did you also know that the Stalfos/ golden wolf that trains Link in Twilight princess is really Link from Ocarina of time, as is said that those who wander in the Lost woods become stalfos and in Majora's Mask (ocarina of time link) link is in the lost woods where he finds termina;)


Oh yes, and the twilight princess overworld theme is the theme (I think) from Ocarina of time backwards;)

Stalfos are those armored skeletons you find in the shadow temple, correct?


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