Which Avengers movie do you like best? I really like Captain America Civil War, but i also really like Avengers, and Avengers Age OF Ultron. Actually, I can't pick. I love them all!

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So, you can't pick a favorite Marvel movie, and yet you expect the rest of us to be able to? XD I also love them all! That is, all the one's I've seen. :)

*shivers* Formatting.

Iron Man is easily my favorite.

Ehh, I think either Iron man 2 or The Avengers.

Surprised you liked Iron Man 2. It's pretty lewd.

Yah, 2 wasn't the greatest.

I mean it's not bad but it's not all that amazing lol

Cap 3

is overrated :3

I was just kinda let down by it

 3 was great!!! New costumes, new characters, great fight scenes, how was it overrated?

Because it was too much. I mean it's not a bad movie but it's really average. I mean nothing popped and it felt dull. Furthermore, it didn't feel like Civil War because of where the MCU is now. I would've preferred Serpent Society to have been the third film (even though it was a joke).

Okay fine, but I still liked it.

This is out dated because I've had more time to think about CA: CW but just haven't had a chance to rewatch it.

I'm going to post each of my MCU phase rankings as well lol. Again, these are a little outdated though I think phases One and Two are pretty solid at this point.


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