K, so, I say dragons or something should be involved... do we set it in Solandria/ the Veil or what?

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I would love to have dragons involved, but we don't need to set the story in the Cb universe. There are plenty of roleplays on here that aren't. here are a few of the my favorite ones: 






(You should totally read through the stories they tell sometime. I found the last 3 especially good reads)

I've only ever tried making roleplays in the Cb universe and they never get finished so I'd kinda like to make an original roleplay if you don't mind.

OK, awesome! I'd love to do an original roleplay! I'm gonna go read those links :)!

Great! I'll get thinking about whether or not I wanna try roleplaying in one of my pre-established universes or if I wanna create a new one.

HAHAHAHAHA! That is my problem too! I'm dying of laughter inside!

I feel like that is most writers' problem XD (Still I'm glad I'm good for a laugh. I like to think I'm funny :D)

Me too! Also, I have a theory. What if one of us just starts another conversation with a random sentence, and the other builds off it? And then we go on like that?

That's more of a forum game than a roleplay (and I think a forum game like that already exists), but it's a fun idea

OK! You know, my siblings and I have another game (We call it Mythex) and basically anything (dragons, unicorns, random characters, talking animals, telepaths, favorite characters...) flies there. So basically, you can have anything/anyone in the game! What if we institute that policy when we start our game?

I could roll with that if we make it so you can have almost anything because some stuff would be too overpowered if that makes any sense. Any ideas on what our plot would be?

Right! Um, OK, let's maybe take a tried and true plot and have a evil, maybe villainess, or villain, either way, that wants to rule everything, perhaps?

That could work. Would we have someone playing the villain/villainess? (Cause I know two people who would make chilling villains. I am neither of those people. I would be a comical villain or as Jessi said, I would be an adorable villain :P)

(OK, so you can only reply 8 times..) Yeah, we should do that!


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