K, so, I say dragons or something should be involved... do we set it in Solandria/ the Veil or what?

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establishing a universe before blindly going into it. I must be a terrible influence

I say yes to the middle three, also that we can be dragons, and Fred can be well on his way to world/universe domination, and that all the rest are possibilities individual members can decide for themselves

Yeah bro, you are a terrible influence.

Okay, just to be clear that is yes to which ones? I think Fred should be in control of at least half of the given territory, but we should only do world domination. Things get complicated when we go into universal domination. And I'm not sure I get what you mean by all the rest are possibilities individual members can decide for themselves? (Or does this mean you're just chill with most anything?)

Kinda, yeah. OK, yes, universal domination is a little overkill! Fred... my goodness, I'll never be able to take him seriously :)

Hahaha, I get it. I know a guy named Fred and I can't take him seriously either *winks at Fred because he may see this later*

OHoHO! It's really just the name Fred that makes it hard for me to keep a straight face:)

Is that because of big hero 6 or is it just the name Fred?

YES, a little bit :)


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