So I kinda originally joined because I wanted to figure out how to decipher that 'message' Hunter talks about at the end of the Secret of the Shadow. Do you guys know if that's actually on here?

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I have no idea. I asked some of the older members I know and hopefully one will reply with an answer

Oh, nice! Did you notice the icons in the margins of the first book? I'll upload a few pics. I think that maybe the 0's and I's are maybe binary?




These are the first three I just looked up :)

I don't think I did. It would really help if you'd upload those pics and I'll hunt for my copy of book one while ya do :D

Hold on a sec, they are kinda faint. Try pages 10 (bottom left), 20 (top left), and 22 (bottom center).

Np, I found my copy. How have I gone all this time without ever seeing those!?!

There is a lot of smoky...-ness in the margins which helps hide the light grey markings:)

you start to recognize them after a while...

You are very observant. I never would have seen those. (Although I do have terrible eyesight.)

45 (bottom center), 59 (bottom left), 67 (top right), and so on... Maybe they are like the marking on Aviad's clock. 

That's an interesting theory. Let's see if it's cannon. Hey blade, are they?

Very observant! They were used for a circular puzzle to open an underground cavern.

OOh, Now I really wish they'd have brought the game to here :)


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