1, what was the Thunderbird's name?

2, how did the Thunderbird die? (kinda)

3, where was Hunter's dad when he found him?

4, is Desi good or evil?

5, who came back at the end of the 3rd book?

6, how did Hope die?

7, who made friends with Hope?  (there's 2)

8, how did Venator die?

9, where did Hunter and Trista meet Aviad?

10, in the 3rd book, when Hunter got home and nobody was there, what was painted on the wall?


Hope you enjoyed it! 

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1. faith

3. in a mirror controled by the bloodstone

4. evil

5. stretch

6. hunters vertias sword

7. valethor? dont ya mean ventator

10. an eye

well thats all i can do without the books

yea........... i edited it.

so can you answer 7?

no, not with out a book but i think sceleris killed him, and im sure i spelled that wrong

tonomis killed him actually

Actually since hunter and Venator are the same person when Hunter died so did Venator.But the Author only wrote Hunter back to life.

1. Faith


2. Desi?


3. Which time?




5. idk


6. Hunter's blade


7. Trista and Hunter


8. Aviad?

9. On Philon's ship in the middle of a storm (ok, i'm not sure thats his name, 'cause I don't hae the book, but you get the idea)


10. an eye

evil yet awesome! I agree. DESI"S COOL!

1. Faith

2. Desi

3. In his own world that was created by him

4. EVIL!!!


6. She was stabbed by Hunter

7. Boojum and Trista?

8. Aviad took the bloodstone

10. an eye......spooky!!!

yes that's right! and sorry to give a spoiler, but yeah, Venator died

1. Faith

2. She crash landed.

3. In the mirror at Belac's castle.

4. EVIL!!

5. Came back?

6. Which time? The first time, Hunter accidentally stabbed her, but the second time, Xaul stabbed her.

7. Uhhh, Hunter and Trista?

8. Tonomis killed him.

9. On Philan's sky ship.

10. The Watcher's symbol, an eye. (that was really easy cause I am reading the 3rd book)





In his world




Hunter's Dad?








By Hunter killing himself




An eye (I think it was on the floor)



1: Faith


3:in his own little world

4:Def. evil

5: Do you mean in the epilouge when hunter  is super anxious to pull the person out? idk doesnt say

6: Hunter stabbed her

7; trista boojum

8: tonomis killed him

9:idk cant remember

10: an eye

&; bujum trissa


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