1, what was the Thunderbird's name?

2, how did the Thunderbird die? (kinda)

3, where was Hunter's dad when he found him?

4, is Desi good or evil?

5, who came back at the end of the 3rd book?

6, how did Hope die?

7, who made friends with Hope?  (there's 2)

8, how did Venator die?

9, where did Hunter and Trista meet Aviad?

10, in the 3rd book, when Hunter got home and nobody was there, what was painted on the wall?


Hope you enjoyed it! 

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1. faith

4. evil

1. Faith

2. she crashed throught the forest on a shard, but then the new tree of life ( i think that's what it is called) brought her back to life.

3.He was in a mirror that led to a world that he created.

4. Evil!

5. I'm not sure.

6. Hunter stabbed her with his veritas sword and then  Xaul killed her.

7. Trista and Xual?

8. he was taken over by the black goo or what ever it was that became Tonomis.

9. The met Aviad in the prison when they were taken prisoners by the Scrouge.

10. I'm not going to answer this one, because i looked at the other people's.



3.Haven't got that far


5.Haven't got that far

6.Hunter's blade/Xaul's sword

7.Rob and Trista?



10.Eye of Ends mark

Oh by the way,I read more of my book and figured out some of the actual answers.
3.In a world created by the Bloodstone
5.At the waaaay end or near the end?
6.Hunter's blade/Xaul's sword
7.Boojum and Trista
9.In Dolor
10.Eye of Ends mark
2.Desi choked her
accidentally sent the last one heres the rest
3.In a world created by the Bloodstone
4.EVIL!!!! She annoys me
5.At the waaaay end or near the end?
6.Hunter's blade/Xaul's sword
7.Boojum and Triss
9.In Dolor...that place gives me creeps
10.The Eye of Ends mark

i know desi is technically evil but other wise i havent read the books in like a year an read a ton of other books since then so i forgot a lot of the stuff


2: (yes faith died but aviad raised her)desi choked her with a whip so she probably was cut too

3:his own world that he created with a second bloodstone


5:?I have no clue what your talking about and I'm a nerd when it comes to these books 

6:Hunter accidentally killed her


8:aviad took the bloodstone killing both Hunter and venator but the author raised Hunter

9:at dolor but they didn't know it was him until they left dolor

10:an eye.like the tattoo on volger's hand

And this is how you spell sceleris unknown angel

1. Which Thunderbird? Faith or Nowaii?

2. Faith crashed into a shard from the Titan's destruction.

3.Um, in his/Belac's castle...

4. Desi is evil.

5.Not quite sure what you mean..:?

6. Hunter stabbed her by accident.

7. Lots of people... Hunter and Trista?

8. Sceleris told Tonomis to kill him.

9. In prison on Dolor.

10. Wasn't the eye painted in red on the floor?


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