So, where do I start? I could start with the good things, or I could start with the bad things. It might not really matter, as long as I cover all by the end of this review. Let me think for a second......the bad things weigh heavy on me, heavier than anything else in media ever has....I will save it for the end, the big finale. Therefore, I shall start with the good.

Before I even played the game, I read that it was "Just like Pokemon". I can confirm that this game is NOT Pokemon! Anyway, thank you to Zhadow and Seth for all your reccomendations and such, it was very helpful. :D

To start off, the graphics were very good, stunning even! The voice actors matched the characters very well, and the action and cutscenes was cool. But honestly, that's basically all the "good" I can say about this game. I also liked how you could very easily change the game settings from the drop down bar at the top.

To start off, I was immediantly very confused about the controls. Took me too long to figure out how to use them and such. The actual fighting got old very quickly, and the "costume and weapon" designing...thingy, was just, well, not to my taste. Oh yeah, and speaking of costumes, how come my first couple begining outfits made my character look like a prostitute? Like, I'm pretty sure people were judging me as I walked down the street. But what bothered my most about the game was it's screwed up "christian" religion. I saw an immediant resemblance at the begining; a God who is creating a new world, sends his servant to save the souls of a lost world. But then, as the game goes on, this "god" is portrayed as a complete pansy and oh so manipulative, and I don't like that one bit. 

So, I am sad to say that I cannot recommend this game, and I most likely won't be playing anymore Final Fantasy games. 

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lol you act like I need sources to back that up. It's EXTREMELY apparent.

All gods have similarities. It's not an issue. If you think God is God, then He is. Because you think this, there is no reason why a fictional god should bother you. It's not like they're telling you to follow or believe the god. It's a story. The fact that you are bothered by this is beyond saddening. My parents, grandparents, and friends enjoy FICTIONAL stories that have gods and goddesses in them. They know they're not real and it has no affect on their life. If you really are affected this much by a fictional story element, I don't thing anything but alt-right media is for you.

I'm not even going to respond to any of that. This is my game review, not debate club. Wanna debate? Go make a discussion!

Thanks Seth, I'll think about it. 

Just so you know, this is the correct place for this discussion.

This is NOT debate club.

Btw, am I the only one who had some email not. problems?

You're right, it's not Debate Club. It's Final Fantasy Fans. That means it's perfectly fine to have this discussion as it is about a review to a Final Fantasy Game. There is no reason for this to be in Debate Club. It is not big enough of a topic anyways.

...fair enough. I'll allow this to continue.


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