Options 360 is a organization that helps women decide to keep their babies, last summer I traveled around the country in an RV with my six other sibling's. (The main reason we left is because my parents run a homeschool co-op and were traveling around the country and will soon be going to germany to spread out more co-ops) Well anyways, we were gone for two months at each stop my mom would speak about homeschooling and nourishing your marriage through the homeschool years. When she was done I would come up and give a short speech about three minutes long, then we would give an offering for options 360, at the end I raised $1,200 for options 360. What options 360 does to help women decide to keep their babies is ultrasound. 98% of women who see an ultrasound decide to keep their babies, it is $40 for one ultrasound. That's 30 little babies who will get to see their mommy.

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