what do you like about them? talk about your laptop here.

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i like tht there portable and small (really light if u hve th macbook air)
I like my laptop for 2 big reasons.  1, it can do anything in a flash, (mine is a Mac,) and 2, I go nuts over any techno thing!
I just got some old  windows 98 laptops
I have a Vaio laptop. The battery dies in 46 minutes after you take it off the charger.


my dad's computer dies 15 minutes after you unplug it

that is CRAZY


i like them because you can do skype on them and you can bring them like where ever

ya laptops are great but an i-pad is really the same thing but better!! (thats my opinion!!) 

and all you need is wi-fi which you can find anywhere star-bucks,...etc.


ya very... ( a smile crosses my face)

i like them because they have skype and you can bring them where everr you want


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