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Some Serious RPG Rules

As the title says, these are some serious rules.  I'm just copying and pasting these things, and they can be found in the Roll-playing for Dummies thread in the RPG forum.  These are just really great guidelines, some of which I have covered, but whoever wrote these said it all really great, probably better than I did.  So here they are.



First off, let's start with the basics: vocabulary.

OT: Off-Topic. This is when you say something out of character or not…


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Roleplaying for Dummies

First of all, I'd like to say that I don't think any of you are dummies.  That's just the name of all those books, so yeah... ;P


Secondly, to learn about the two key elements in roleplaying (plot and character) check out my blog posts here

and here…


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Roleplaying: Plot is Everything

All right, boys and girls.  It's time for Mike's take on roleplaying.  If you believe you know how to do it already, read this anyway.  If you've never played before, well this is your lucky day.  If you're one of the top roleplaying personages in the world, well I guess you don't need this then. ;P


Plot:  This is very probably the most important element in an RPG.  Even more so than the characters.  Well, maybe not more so, I'd say they're about even.  Without good…


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Creating a Character

    Unlike some, perhaps most, people think, a character is not simply a name, age, and description.  A character, be it for a story, rpg, or whatever, is a working progress.  A character is never complete until the story ends, and even then there is always room for more development.  The creation of a character can be hard for some, easy for others, the funnest part or the least fun.  It all depends on who is creating the character.  Whether it is easy or hard, fun or not, the initial…


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Okay, I'll tell you now, I'm bored.  The impact that will have on the rest of this post is...debatable.  Have you ever noticed that when it rains, it doesn't necessarily pore?  And what does the cat getting out of the bag got to do with anything?  While you're thinking about it, why.....darn....I'm out of cliches.  I know, two, big number, but I can't think of anymore!  So, I must move onto more deep and meaningful questions.  Like, why does weird not follow the I before E except after C rule? … Continue

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The World Wide Web (and other digital evils)

You have no doubt had your parents tell you that you waste your life on them at some time or another...I have anyway.  So what am asking is for your opinion.  What do you think of the interwebs and those other digital evils (cellphones and tv included)?  Do you think parents are overreacting when they say you're wasting your life on them, or do you think they may have a point?  Food for thought, and discussion.  Anyone and everyone welcome to put in your two cents (you can add three if you must… Continue

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I don't get it...

There are a lot of things I don't get, but let's start with the recent things.


I don't get Justin Beiber.  Well, it's not so much JB I don't get, as it is his haters.  There are some people out there (it may be the majority, I dunno) who hate his music, that I get.  But then there are people who say they don't like him because of his quick rise to fame.  I myself can't see what's wrong with that.  The kid got a lucky break, good for him, I hope I get one like it.  Don't tell…


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The dog, or the cat

I don't know which one I hate more...  The dog goes by the name of Mae, she's a lap dog, but just barely.  She's fat little thing.  The cat's name is Spot, but he is now more commonly known as "IT'S SO FUZZY!".  If we shaved that cat, he'd be nothing but skin and bones.  

    Now Mae can get freakishly annoying.  For example, she cries for everything.  And when I say everything, I mean it.  She cries for her food, she cries for her water.  She cries to get let out, she cries…


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The Sable Quean

Well, I saw Lexi's review on HB3 and I was like "Oooo, shiny!" 


(WARNING:  The following paragraphs may contain spoilers)


  Sadly, I cannot shower this book with praise.  Personally, I thought it failed miserably.  I have been a fan of Redwall for several years now, and have read all the books several times over (my favorite being Marlfox, as other Redwall fans may have guessed ).  Brian Jacques has used the same plot line over and over again, for…


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I have had so many places in here when I have wanted to use this smiley.  I've had to use this grinning thing ( ) instead, but it just never seems to cut it.  But now I haz it!  And I shall incorporate it everywhere I can possibly do so. Continue

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My crazy long quiz

I figured out how to get this thing on here!


Favorite actor:  A very wise old man once had something to say on this subject...but I forgot what it was...…


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