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HB3 and Hurricane Irene

We lost power for the first time around 10:30. it came on again off again a few times but flatlined at around 3pm.

Anyway, decided to pass the time reading HB3. We had the windows open to let in the breeze that storm was creating so certain people wouldn't get too warm. The storm really added to the intensity of the battles of the book, especially the one at the end. 

Felt like that boy in The Neverending Story. REading the book in the dark by light of candles during the middle…


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This proves it!

Read it and weep other book series! lol!

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Ariel: Today's Sweet 16 dreams come true

Just something random I thought up on my trip. I thought I'd give my thoughts on each Disney princess, like how they relate to the world and stuff. Just something random here. I'm starting with Ariel because she's Sabrina's favorite princess.


Ariel is the Drama Queen. The one who wants her world her way. She sees things differently from others. However, family doesn't understand how she can like the things she does because the things that intrigue her go against what her…


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