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Random story

On this other site, I did this writing game where the forumites where challenged to write a small story bit. And I mean small. It had to begin with the sentence "I don't believe it!" And die hard Codebearer girl that I am, I wrote this(Bare in mind, I did do it in two minutes before I lost my sporatic net connection again):


i don't believe it! It's happening right in front of me, but I still don't believe it! Restrained by chains looping round my wrists and ankles making me…


Added by Bladebearer on September 10, 2011 at 6:29pm — 4 Comments

Tiana: The Value of a Kiss

(Note: I didn't get to watch the entire film. When Mom saw Dr. whatshisname talking to his "friends on the other side" about selling the souls of New Orleans, she deemed it too much bad voodoo for our household, and was immediately stopped. I've read stuff in Wikipedia and seen clips on Youtube. So if i say something not quite right about the film, let me know, k?)


"Just one kiss?"

She said she'd never kiss a frog. However, with her dreams in peril, and this…


Added by Bladebearer on September 2, 2011 at 7:49pm — 11 Comments

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