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Hello all, The Destroyer is back!(on her account. I know you are over joyed Cypher)

  So I finally got tech-support to email me back and they fixed my account.YAY! And just so you guys know you do not want to post 643 times in a hour, if you do then the site's spam filter will probably disable your account.

And now I want to thank you all for those birthday wishes. They really mean a lot to me.

I'll see you around the site!

~The Destroyer…


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Hey all,

 I've been working on this for about two weeks and I can't seem to get it to flow right. Anyway I'm hoping you guys would give me some input. I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

Ps: this is a rough draft. I typed it up on my kindle  enjoy!

One hand clenched around her bow the other on the strap of her quiver, she had no idea where to go. Her heart started to ache as she glances around at the city that was once her home, now burns. Screams and shouts echo…


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HELLO Future Subj... I mean Codebearers


I have arrived at last!!!! With plenty of chilly fries and chimichangas. And now I am ready to face the evil of this site.. my brother!!! Beware Cypher!!! 



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Almost there!

I have almost arrived! In at least 14 days I shall get on full time. I would be here sooner but I ran out of chilly fries and chimichangas. So i'm going to b a few days late. the best ones come from to univ…


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Coming this Fall!

Hello all codebearers. I will not be able to get on this summer but coming this fall I shall destroy your world!



*Epic amazing awesome evil laugh!*



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