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Two days ago, we received some terrible news.

I have known Brittany since I was 5. She was just a young teenage girl helping out in a VBS.

Now, 8 years later, she is married to a wonderful young man, and almost immediately got great news.

She was pregnant.

Everything was going just how you much expect, and now the day was here.

I'll show you what Brittany said in her Facebook post.

"On sunday at 11:45pm my water broke. I was in labor for 31 hours but…


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Today I'm Thankful for a Lack of Money

Today I am thankful for a lack of money. 

My grandma has been talking to my mom about taking us on a train ride on this one train. 
We decided not to, since we don't have much money. 
This morning, around 8:00 AM, 7 train cars derailed on a overpass, dropping two of them into the free way below. …

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My Writing

I have begun writing some, stuff. I'm told it's called prose poetry, but yeah. 


Cry in Silence


A jumbled mess. A whirlpool of emotions, all going by too fast for anyone else to see. But you? You see it all. Every single emotion is like another…

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I Was Asked To Picture God On His Throne...

Yesterday at a Quiz Meet I was asked to close my eyes, and picture God on His throne.

So I closed my eyes, and I asked, "Take me to You." And instantly a picture formed in my head.

A saw a tree.

It's trunk wasn't wide, and it's leaves were green. A gentle breeze blew by, shaking it's leaves, and a few fell to the grassy ground I was standing on.

I looked around, I was on a grassy path through a lush green garden. It smelled of grass and fruit.

A little… Continue

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Happy Reformation Day Everyone! 500th Anniversary!

Happy Reformation Day! Hard to believe it has been a whole 500 years!

Yeah, the SoD Forums are in an uproar, and I actually had to report my friend, and another is on the verge of being reported as well.
So, yeah, can we not argue here? I'm already dealing with arguments on the forums...

Happy Reformation Day!

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Um, Hi.

Uh... I'm back....

I've been on the School of Dragons Forums, but no one likes me there, and I keep getting messages telling me to leave so....

I'm ignoring them. They don't tell me what to do, but I really missed this site. So I'm back, but now I'm on two sites so I won't be so active on either.

I have learned A LOT about myself due to many different arguments and attacks on my faith, and in it all, I have found myself. And become way more… Continue

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Edit Request

I've been in the SoD forums and found people with pictures of their Night Furies and I really wanted one. I asked Riley and she said she didn't do these kinds of edits.(she also said that they aren't edits but that's what everyone on SoD calls than and I don't know what they're called.) I don't know how to make one so I thought I'd ask you guys.

The edit I'm looking for is really simple. All I want is this picture:… Continue

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SoD Annual Clash Of Clans 2017!!!!!!!!!

I need your guys help. I've done research and it counts clan size so a smaller clan has a chance against a bigger clan.

It also doesn't go on how many trophies your clan has at the end of the month it's on how many you gain. That means we have a chance against a clan wish thousands of trophies while my… Continue

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Everything Is Going Right

Everything is going right today! Last night I was playing School Of Dragons as I do every night from about 10:15 PM -12:30 AM and at 12:00 I did a battle event and guess what I won? 25 gems!!!!!!! For the past two months (About) I have been saving the gems that I get from the daily reward (40 gems every 5 days) until I have the 500 gems needed to get Hiccup's flight suit. I was 30 gems away and today I get 25 gems which would put me 5 gems away.

Because of that event tonight I will be… Continue

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Sesame Street

I love watching Sesame Street because it's all these famous people they your supposed to recognize and I just sit there like:

Heh heh heh. Who is that?

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Happy Sunday Bowl!!!

My the year old brother says Happy Sunday Bowl.

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Story Editing

This is my edited version of How I Trained The Deathsong.

Everyone kept saying that the formatting is terrible and that is because I don't know what formatting is. I asked Jessi to help me with formatting but when I tried to send it to her I had reached the maximum amount of letters. So the rest of you guys can ignore this.

Author's Note: this is a HTTYD fanfic that I wrote. I wrote quite a bit down and highlighted it to send it to you guys BUT, instead of hitting copy I… Continue

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A Trip

Attention all members of the resistance! Hope has gone away on a trip where there is no cell service. She will not be able to post until Sunday. Her apologies;-)

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Fanfic Pole

Okay, so I have five fanfics in progress and I'm having trouble deciding which one to work on. So here's the names of my fanfics and a brief summary (or sneak peek) of the story. Tell me in the comments which one you would be most interested in reading!

Book Three: A Team Of Our Own

The continuation of Shamara's adventures.

Shamara has left the dragon riders and is on her own. But not for long. Not long after she left she comes across another dragon rider. Could… Continue

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Official Moving Updates Blog Post

So, while back I told you guys that we're moving. I completely forgot to keep you updated and I don't know where I left off and I don't feel like finding out right now. So, without further ado, here's our moving story.

What we're looking for in our land

On our land we are going to put two houses, one for us, one for our Grandma. We also are going to plant a Back To Eden garden. One thing that is very important to us is a place to build a pole barn for 4us to use as a… Continue

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Some Things About Myself

So, I saw Grace made one of these and I wanted to make one.

My online name is Starlight but I frequently change the theme and my profile.

My number one favorite movie is How To Train Your Dragon. My number one favorite TV show is Dragons Race To The Edge. My number one fandom is HTTYD but I also enjoy the Tinkerbell movies and the Avengers.

I love sword fighting, okay well, stick fighting, and I am actually better then my older brother's baseball team, and a… Continue

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No matter what you do do not read the next sentence.

You rebel. I like you. Welcome to the ostrich rebellion.

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VidAngel: Illegal Or Not?

This is to continue a debate that I had to close because Zhadow and Riley were not taking it seriously. Now I can moderate.

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Happy New Year!

Happy new year!

Okay so my brother was wearing a shirt that said 2016 on it and after twelve I walked up to him and said "That shirt is so last year." Boom.

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