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The Primary Strongholds

3, a number that is used far more often than you might care to know. For instance, is it a coincidence that Jesus Christ died when he was 33 and rose from the dead 3 days later? That he is part of the trinity? What about the primary colors? They come in three as well.  I have been greatly fascinated by the number for some undistinguishable reason, and I tend to notice it fairly often. I'm sure if anyone pays a certain amount of…


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This is so sad

For those of you who Archduke Franz Ferdinand was and the significance of his death, here's the gist: His asassination basiaclly started WWI. This was a first hand description of his death, it is extremely sad. Written by Count Franz von Harrach, found on the website, firstworldwar.com


As the car quickly reversed, a thin stream of blood spurted from His Highness's mouth onto my right check.  As I was pulling out my handkerchief to wipe the blood away from his mouth, the…


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Fun with Poetry

Here's a game: Spell things out, like "Hi," while annotating the letter and using famous poetry. Start with the first letter and see which line has it, write it down. Your next line will contain the next letter/line etc. NO backtracking! I find it makes less sense when you go backwards. Also, avoid using words that contain letters like, "X" or "Z." Also, short poems typically don't work, as they are too short to find anything. Try things like Sir Gawain and the Green Knight or the…


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Disney Princesses, Part 1

By Disney Princesses, I mean the REAL ones, ones featured on the princess posters until the previous two years (so minus the Princess and the frog girl, and minus Rapunzel.) Now, I reflect on stuff through most of the night, and one of those things happened to be the princesses Disney presents to us. Girls love them, and I'll admit, as I've gotten older, I've grown a bit more fond of them as well. I was always a Powerpuff girl...girl. My sister on the other hand had to have her princess…


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My favorite Themes


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WHO (Homeschool convention) And guess WHO (:P) I saw there?

Okay, so yesterday, I went to the homeschool convention (as many of you probably have heard about by now) and guess who just happened to be there? THE MILLER BROTHERS! It was like the high light of my month, they (or at least Allan for sure) remembered me from last time:D And I'm serious I just sat at their booth for like 2 hours talking to them, it was so fun! Allan also told me that the new series they are working on, Mech Mice (he said it was kinda like land of the apes, taking place post…


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Review: Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (May be spoilers)

   Pirates of the Caribbean 4 was surprisingly better than the 2nd and 3rd pirates and is up there with the Curse of the Black Pearl.

   For one thing, despite the fact they changed the cast, Depp and Penelope Cruz both collided very well and did amazingly together as did the rest of the cast.

     The music was a very good mix of all the classic pirates songs and had you on edge.

    There were many surprises in the very well written plot, and I did not come out of the…


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Hey all you who have webkinz but don't want to admit it. I just thought I'd let you all know that if you log into your account you'll see an ad a little of to the side about the new Universal Pictures movie "Hop." Click on the ad and watch the video and answer the three questions related to the clip. After that it will ask for your account info (i.e. Username) then you'll recieve a code in you kinzmail giving you a code to use in the adoption center! It even comes with the gift package and…


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An Entertaining True Tale

  So, we have been getting our house remodeled for the past few weeks, and until yesterday we had no floors.

  But let me explain something first, we have a little gray cat named Sweet (NO I didn't name her, my dad did). Now Sweet hates anyone outside our family, or rather is petrified of them. So when the construction workers arrived at about 8:30 am to get started, I barely saw this gray streak shoot up the stairs for refuge. I thought to myself "What a dumb cat, she knows they're…


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Hunter Brown 3

I realize I probably should have done this a looooong time ago, but better late than never right?


    Hunter Brown and the Eye of Ends was altogether the most captivating, intense, and awe-inspiring book the Miller brothers have written yet. I found my self lost in the story, with the Miller brothers (who happen to know the road to Solandria far better than anyone else) leading the way. I have no doubt the Millers were lost too though. Any book written this well doesn't all…


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Think: Video games

    Video games. So fun. Realistic, and amazing. But what would you think if some plumbers just randomly ran about squishing all our poor mushrooms (especially the more expensive kinds), and constantly shouting when he entered a room "It's me! Mario!" I mean, no one would care, and yet the poor lost character would continue to do so.

   Or if animals ran around on two feet, making us do favors for them and offending us? Wait...cats already do that.

   What if some…


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Ode of a Cat



      The owner came home and disrupted my sleep,

       By taking my blanket to warm stinky feet.

      And then when I asked,

       For a small bit of food,

      My person just smiled,

      And made mindless "coos."


     Dissapointed I walked,

     To the bed where I sleep,

     Only to be tackled,

     And away I leaped.

     Then when done bathing,

     Satisfied with a…


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Book signing

Well, the Millers just proved to be more amazing people than I already thought they were.


When at the book signing, I happened to purchase 1 book (HUnter Brown and the Eye of Ends) and 4 amazing posters. If that wasn't enough to make someones week, I dunno what was, but then, the Millers gave a little "sermon" what's next for HB. Sadly, they said this was pretty much the wrap up for Hunter, but they plan to have a mini series sort of thing. They are also helping write the…


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Anyone out there, who's parents are making them wear braces, I pity you. I have braces as well, and if anyone can take a hit, I can (Due to being beat up by mom and siblings in a so called "Playful manner"...of coarse, just because I don't cry, doesn't mean I'm not a wimp...but I like to think otherwise.

   Anyways, I have had my braces on for a little over a year now, and with each appointment, the shock of the tightening, and the ruthlessness of the orthodontist; it's almost like…


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Who doesn't kove to sit down on a cold windy night and read some good old fashioned Charles Dickens? Uh...ME! My school assignment for Christmas break just happened to be a Tale of two cities, and sadly, I'm not what you would call "Devouring" it. For one thing, Dickens NEVER GETS TO HIS POINT! I mean I have never read any book where one man will take up two very long chapters explaining something that is not even VAGUELY related to the story. The only OK book by him was "a Christmas Carol"…


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Voyage Critique

I saw the latest Narnia movie "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" (which happens to be my favoritetist Narnia book) on the Weekend it came out. Here are some of my thoughts on it.

    First off, anyone who says they did not stay within the story line is lying. They stayed as close to it as any movie makers have ever stayed. The only things they took away, were the excess amount of islands. Instead, they merely combined them. Dragon Island and the Cursed Island became one. They did it…


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