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Hunter Brown 3

I realize I probably should have done this a looooong time ago, but better late than never right?


    Hunter Brown and the Eye of Ends was altogether the most captivating, intense, and awe-inspiring book the Miller brothers have written yet. I found my self lost in the story, with the Miller brothers (who happen to know the road to Solandria far better than anyone else) leading the way. I have no doubt the Millers were lost too though. Any book written this well doesn't all…


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Think: Video games

    Video games. So fun. Realistic, and amazing. But what would you think if some plumbers just randomly ran about squishing all our poor mushrooms (especially the more expensive kinds), and constantly shouting when he entered a room "It's me! Mario!" I mean, no one would care, and yet the poor lost character would continue to do so.

   Or if animals ran around on two feet, making us do favors for them and offending us? Wait...cats already do that.

   What if some…


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Ode of a Cat



      The owner came home and disrupted my sleep,

       By taking my blanket to warm stinky feet.

      And then when I asked,

       For a small bit of food,

      My person just smiled,

      And made mindless "coos."


     Dissapointed I walked,

     To the bed where I sleep,

     Only to be tackled,

     And away I leaped.

     Then when done bathing,

     Satisfied with a…


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Book signing

Well, the Millers just proved to be more amazing people than I already thought they were.


When at the book signing, I happened to purchase 1 book (HUnter Brown and the Eye of Ends) and 4 amazing posters. If that wasn't enough to make someones week, I dunno what was, but then, the Millers gave a little "sermon" what's next for HB. Sadly, they said this was pretty much the wrap up for Hunter, but they plan to have a mini series sort of thing. They are also helping write the…


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Anyone out there, who's parents are making them wear braces, I pity you. I have braces as well, and if anyone can take a hit, I can (Due to being beat up by mom and siblings in a so called "Playful manner"...of coarse, just because I don't cry, doesn't mean I'm not a wimp...but I like to think otherwise.

   Anyways, I have had my braces on for a little over a year now, and with each appointment, the shock of the tightening, and the ruthlessness of the orthodontist; it's almost like…


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Who doesn't kove to sit down on a cold windy night and read some good old fashioned Charles Dickens? Uh...ME! My school assignment for Christmas break just happened to be a Tale of two cities, and sadly, I'm not what you would call "Devouring" it. For one thing, Dickens NEVER GETS TO HIS POINT! I mean I have never read any book where one man will take up two very long chapters explaining something that is not even VAGUELY related to the story. The only OK book by him was "a Christmas Carol"…


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