Hey guys,

So this just to let you all know what I've been doing and stuff cause I know I haven't been extrememly active for a couple of months. So, let's do this.

So, yeah, I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Middle Grades Language Arts and Mathematics last month. I was Magna Cun Laude, which pretty much means I was an A-B student. My degree and teaching license should be coming in the mail in about two weeks are so.

I think I might have made history during graduation. I shouted the Codebearer's creed in Latin while walking off the football field where the ceremony was held. Got to show the Codebearer pride.

I am looking for a teaching job. I've had two interviews and another should be scheduled soon. This one job I want is at the school where I basically lived at for the past couple of months. I loved the atmosphere, the teachers, the curriculum, etc. I mean, sure, I'll take whatever job I can get, but I'd REALLY love to get a job at this school.

The reason why I was so inactive here was because I was teaching every day all day. Half the day was in 8th grade Language Arts; the other half in 8th grade Mathematics. I had to do lesson plans, grade papers, do reports for college, and about a hundred other things. Thank you all for being very good and not giving Lexi and Explorerdude a lot of trouble. Also, thank you two for taking up the slack for me.

I am back here now. Some of you have seen my latest story idea called Story Hackers. There are three so far. I do have a fourth in the works. I do have plans for the summer. Now that I have no school, I want to retry my roleplay ideas. I'm thinking of closing the original threads and just trying again from scratch. I will have an off topic blog post for each roleplay. These roleplays will also not last forever. They'll probably last the summer, maybe a little into September, and then we'll end them. I will get more ideas and such. I will also finish that story I started two years ago in My Battles *redone*. I will explain who Cassandra is and why everything around her is so weird.

So that is an update of my life. Thanks for reading and all that stuff.

Fun fact: I originally joined the old site when I was in high school. Did my first role plays here. Posted my first real writings here. Did a lot of firsts here. This site is very special to me. I'm honored to be a moderator here, and I think I'll be here till I die or something.



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