My Great Aunt Gurtie's Poem About Christmas

There was a celebration

Around God's throne above

The Son of God was leaving

On a mission of great love


He journeyed to the earth below

Became a child so small

Gave up His royal majesty

His mightly power and all


The gates of heaven opened

And angels came down too

To say the Saviour had been born

Good news the whole world through



That's why today we celebrate

Our Saviour's human birth

The hope and transformation

That He brought to all the earth


And still we hear the angels

Their message come each year

It comes to keep reminding us

Our Saviour still is near


It sweeps the world with kindness

Great joy is everywhere

Generous hearts are open

To gladly give and share



Christmas joy brings memories

Of all the years now gone

This year we'll just keed adding

The things both said and done


This year will be remembered too

for kindness day to day

Of those who traveled with us

And helped us on our way



So with this Christmas greeting

Comes a wish so deep and true

That the kindness you have given

Will come right back to you


Merry, Merry Christmas

May all the Yuletide cheer

Bring everything you wished for

And joy to last annd year


Trudy Cadetz


(For those of you who don't know Yuletide means a religious festival.)



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Comment by The Destroyer Of Worlds on January 5, 2013 at 11:58am


I love it! thanks for sharing!

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