Have you ever wished to save a character in someone else's story? Did you ever want to ax that baddie before they got started? Did you ever wish those two love bird would ever get together. Then meet the Story Hackers! Charries for hire that enter your favorite stories to make them even better!


Sage’s vision was almost complete gone now and he tried to fight off the darkness, not wanting to know what Ilus might do to him once he was unconscious, but it was impossible to stop it as it closed in and swallowed him up. It only seemed like a few seconds passed when he opened his eyes again but he found himself at the same place, in the same position but somehow he knew it had been longer than he thought. Surprisingly it seemed that Ilus hadn’t done anything to him and Ilus was also no where to be found. The room was a little warmer than before, meaning that he hadn’t been here for quite some time. Sage lay there, just staring at the ceiling. The pain seemed to be a flaring throb at the back of his mind, but now he was able to almost completely ignore it. He was getting use to it apparently and he wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or bad. Slowly his mind began to wander and he suddenly realized that he’d almost been here for an entire week.His chest tightened slightly as he recalled the events of the past few days and he slowly closed his eyes. He doubted Kaeri was ever going to trust him again after what Ilus had told him…and now he didn’t even know if he was going to be able to see any of them again. On his way back from saying goodbye to Aerista, he’d considered running away, but he had known that things would probably become even worse if he did that. Sage didn’t even notice as a small tear began trailing down his face. Everything seemed impossible…was anything good ever going to happen again? Aerista was gone…and Sage could still hear her pleading him to stay and not leave again. He remembered the song he’d sung to make her fall asleep so he wouldn’t have to hear her crying out his name as he walked away…it hurt…it had hurt so much when he tricked her like that…it still hurt. But there was nothing he could do now…it was too late to take back the deal he’d made with Ilus, too late to tell Kaeri himself that he had killed people who didn’t deserve to die, too late to tell the others that he might not be coming back, too late to say sorry to Aerista…it was all too late now…. Everything had seemed to pass by so fast; he barely had had any time to think. Now they were home and safe…and he was here. It always turned out like this it seemed; just as things were starting to look up, they would suddenly get worse, each time getting more impossible to get out of or fix. Each time he’d been able to eventually think of something and cling onto the hope that he was going to be able to come back one day…but now?...no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t find a way out of this…he was trapped.

The tears were making small paths through the blood on his face but he didn’t even feel them as they continued to slip down and hit the ground. Did anything work out the way he wanted it to? No. Each time he’d gotten close to something he wanted, he was beaten down. Only now, he’d fallen so far, there was no way to get up…no way to get out…nothing to hold onto to keep him going. He felt nothing but an overwhelming grief that went deeper than he’d ever felt before…

This must be what it feels like to be utterly hopeless.”

A flash of light released two figures into a dark hallway. Two girls stood back to back. Each, using their own skills, saw they were alone in the space.
"How long can you hold him off," the girl with mis-matched eyes asked her companion.
The other had quickly sat down on the floor, taking out a large sketchbook and quill pen. On the page was a drawing of the master of the house, Ilus. The artist quickly began drawing a strange world around the character. In response to her drawing, Ilus tried to counter her power. The drawing at the page acted like he was clawing at the drawn lines, meaning he was trying to come back. The girl kept scrivening, drawing things into being. Her dirty grey hair fell in front of her face. Her bandaged eyes were not bothered by this. Why should a blind girl be bothered by hair in front of her face?
"He's strong. Work fast," she gasped as her fingers flew across the page, drawing drawing drawing...
MJ Ekalb, the mis-matched eyed one, nodded. She knew Storyteller Rue needed to concentrate on throwing Ilus for a loop. Drawing a transporter away from his target took alot of energy. Their time was limited.
She took her Infinity Key from around her neck. The open-any-door key made short work of the door standing a short space away from the pair. She quickly entered. She sensed for any hidden ones. All she felt was the one. Her target. He was literally drowning in despair. She felt him recognize this feeling.
"Then, I guess, I'll show you what it is like to regain hope."
She knew it hurt for him to move. She quickly entered his line of vision. She now felt his shock and fear at her arrival.
"Hey, I'm not with that creep. In fact, I'm here to take you from him."
He opened his mouth to talk.
"Just keep quiet and let me work. We don't have much time." She took out a scrap of paper. A piece from Story's sketchpad. All Story said to do was write the person's name and what you wanted done. She'd do the rest.
"Please work," MJ muttered. The mis-matched eyed one wrote this message: Heal Sage.
At first, nothing happened. Then slowly, the cuts and blood disappeared, as if they were erased. Shock and confusion registered on Sage's face while pleasure showed on MJ's.
"Now, to get you out." She quicked hoisted the still weak young man over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes.
As she exited the room, she saw Story's scrawling go slower and slower.
"Can't...fight...." she squeaked. MJ caught Story by the hood of her hoodie before she fell back on the ground. As Story's materials disappeared. Ilus appears.
As he gives an evil grin, MJ rolls her eyes. "Not happening, jerk. Story!"
Story's eyes fluttered as she pulled out another piece of paper from her pocket. Ilus's picture was on it.

"Scrivening," she softly giggled as she tore the paper in half. Ilus clutched at his chest as he fell to the floor. Within moments, the evil one was dead.
Story slowly got up. "Go home now," she smiled as she took her pen and paper once more.

 Aerista paused at Sage’s door, her hand resting on the knob. Slowly, she turned it and pushed the door open, walking inside. As always, it was neat but there wasn’t very much stuff around the small apartment space. He’d taken out three chairs and a table to make it roomier and now there was only a sofa and a small coffee table in the living room. Aerista walked in and slowly made her way over to his desk in the corner. Sinking down into the seat, she stared at the porcelain butterfly that he’d painted on their first date. Running her fingers over the glossy surface, she admired the care and gently detail he’d put into it. Glancing down, she began opening the draws and looking through the sundry papers. After a short search she found the song she was looking for; the one he’d sung to her. It was unfinished but the date read the night before the car crash that started everything. He’d named it Grey. Two tears fell onto the page without her knowing and her hands shook slightly, as she set the paper down on the desk. After a moment or two, she felt a rush of emotions and burred her head in her arms on the desk, sobbing.
MJ rested a hand on Aerista's shoulder. "I don't think you need to cry anymore." She forced the weeping one around to see what lay on her beloved's bed. Story grinned down at Sage, sleeping peacefully in his own room.
Aerista stared in shock for a while. Once the realization hit her, she flew to her love's side. The two rescuers watched as Aerista gently took her love's hand in hers and used her other hand to run her fingers through is hair. Story made a motion to show they would be leaving soon. MJ nodded. She knew she still have one more thing to say.
"Oh, and that Ilus dude won't be back. So have a happy life, 'kay?" MJ smiled.
With that, the light took the two away to leave Sage in the care of his only love.
I write my characters back into their stories. Mission accomplished. Sage and Aerista are now back where they belong: with each other.
I log back into Codebearers to see if any more injustices are being done while bringing up a list of my stories I need to work on. As I open a document entitled "Aranel", I notice a new post in The Bookshop. I click on the link to read a new section of story. I see something about a prince named Rhage. Trapped in a tower. hmm....
"MW! Alex! I need you!"

Time to hack another story.


Scenes taken from "Melting Fire" by Silver Phoenix. Prince Rhage belongs to BladeAngel. Codebearers and The Bookshop belong to The Miller Brothers. MJ, Storyteller Rue, MW, and Alex belong to the realms of the Story Hackers! Aranel is also mine, but that's another story.

This is written for fun. This is in no way meant to be insulting or belittling. This is just for fun!

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Comment by Bladebearer on May 21, 2013 at 1:58pm

If you like this, don't forget to check out hacks 2 and 3.

Comment by Mina on April 29, 2013 at 9:28pm


Comment by Karnivore on April 29, 2013 at 7:30pm

Lol. That was awesome! I might i have to try something like this some time. :)

Comment by Silver Phoenix on April 29, 2013 at 6:17pm

Me: We could have like a little group of story hackers!

Sage: Whoa, whoa, don't go too crazy.

Me: Lol, I wonder if I can hack my own stories with other characters. XP That'd be funny.

Comment by BladeAngel on April 28, 2013 at 7:51pm

you can use Story hacker blade i dont mind :)

Comment by Bladebearer on April 28, 2013 at 9:10am


any ideas for a story hacker?

really? XD I look forward to reading it if you write it.

Comment by Silver Phoenix on April 28, 2013 at 8:53am
Cool! I hope you succeed in publishing it. :)

Sure! Hmmm...you've tempted me to write a story hacker for a book I read awhile ago...I just have to remember what happened.
Comment by Bladebearer on April 28, 2013 at 7:45am

"Aranel" is a story i've been working on for about 3 years now. Hoping to get it published once I finish it. It already 67 pages in Word.

so, just for fun, anyone up for another story hacker?

Comment by Michaelyøda on April 27, 2013 at 10:58pm
You are correct in saying I cannot "know."
But I can still theorize. :P I just really, really hope I am wrong…
Comment by Silver Phoenix on April 27, 2013 at 10:36pm

There's no way you could be right, Michael. ;P

...no I don't know what Aranel is...

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