Have you ever wished to save a character in someone else's story? Did you ever want to ax that baddie before they got started? Did you ever wish those two love bird would ever get together. Then meet the Story Hackers! Charries for hire that enter your favorite stories to make them even better!


It started at the Ashinnfall Academy and I was a new student making my way to my locker.

Eyes followed me down the hallway,whether they were glaring or just staring.

Then Hunter appeared,he was the bully to all the new students like me.

He had a group of students behind him that was small,but was slowly growing bigger.

It must have been my outfit cause it made me look sorta rich.

"What are you doing here rich new kid?"asked Hunter.

See? I was right about my outfit.

"Well?"asked one of Hunter's croonies.

"I'm not rich!"I said turning my back to my locker.

Hunter slammed me against it...hard then let his followers grab him.

Hunter then led the way to an emergency exit,which led down to a dark yet dusty basement.

I think it was known as a boiler room but not a lot of academys had em.

Hunter headed down the stairs with his croonies directly behind him.

They descended quickly before Hunter order two of his closest friends to chain me to one of those

dentist chairs that was under a single spotlight.

Hunter with another croonie,who was carrying a tray came into the light.

I could see on the tray the different knives and their different sized blades.

I shuddered then screwed my eyes tight.
Clang! Thud!
"I am just loving frying pans!" MDub Wallcrasher brandished her weapon as she stoof over Hunter. His weapon of torture now broken in half. Hunter's croonies stare at this newcomer.

"What? Can't a girl have a little fun?" She asked as she raced at another baddie. As Wallcrasher whomped another one, Skyraptor arrived by light teleport. He shakes his head sadly, sending his golden brown spiked locks swaying, as the vapors caused by his teleporting power diminish.
"She never waits for backup. Oh well, that's underdeveloped characters for you."
He watched as the Amazon-built warrior bashed each baddie in turn. Giggling the entire time. Her auburn pigtails tied with blue ribbons bounce around her heart-shaped face as her green eyes sparkle from the excitement of battle. The teleporter teen just leaned back against the wall as the black-clad, blue-jacketed warrior chased after her prey. Soon all lay scattered on the floor, except the victim in the terror chair, eyes still closed tight.
MDub joined Sky, twirling her frying pan. "That Memory?" she asked, pointing her weapon at the boy restrained.
"That's him," the teleporter replies as he works at the restraints. Skyraptor glances over at the girl's cooking utensil. "Would you please sheath that thing so you won't frighten the boy?"
MDub, understanding that look those grey eyes were giving her, tucked her weapon into her bluestone studded belt. Memory opens his eyes. He stares in fearful confusion as they set him free.
"Easy, kid, we won't hurt you. Unless you offend she-hulk here," Skyraptor assures the boy. The "she-hulk" glares daggers into her cohort.
The boy opened his mouth to speak when the moans of the evil ones begin.
"We better get out of here," the teleporter mumbled.
"Aww! Can't we go another round with them?" the girl pouted.
Sky heaves the scared boy over his shoulder. "No," he answers as his powers activate.
When the lights had faded, the trio found themselves back in the same hallway Memory was just moments before. Skyraptor set the boy down on his feet.
"You're safe now," he assured Memory.
"And when Hunter and his croonies come round again?" MDub asked.
"we'll be here," a voice answered. Three boys came up along side the trio. Memory turned to see his other brothers: Noah, Patch, and Sebastian. The voice belonged to Noah, whose red brown hair, reddish-orange eyes, and wolfish smile complete with fangs made him look extremely dangerous.Patch also had the same wolfish mouth and eyes,but his hair was a purple magenta. Sebastian kept up the wolfish smile trend, except he had hair that was caramel brown, and his eyes were hidden behind a pair of dark sunglasses.
Sky smiled. "Good."
With that, he rescuers dissipated in a flash of light.
I write my characters back to where they belong, with notes to flesh out MDub's character. I check Codebearers one more time to make sure there are no other injustices that are in need of correcting. Once all is put to rest, I turn off my computer and crawl into bed. I glance over at my closet door. A gown of purple, a hat with a purple-gold tassel, and a purple-gold cord hang ready for the following day's events. I smile to myself as I drift off to sleep. Soon, I would be able to spend more time with my characters.

Yeah, as of a week ago, I now hold a B.S.M.G.L.A.M degree. Yay! Now, I need to get a job. -_- I've already been to two interviews, I'm waiting to hear back, so let's see where the Author will lead me to next.

Scenes taken from "Thieves of the Grave: Black Crystal Rose of the Frozen (Book 1)" by BladeAngel. Memory, Hunter, Noah, Patch, and Sebastian belong to BladeAngel. Codebearers and The Bookshop belong to The Miller Brothers. Skyraptor and MDub Wallcrasher belong to the realms of the Story Hackers!

This is written for fun. This is in no way meant to be insulting or belittling. This is just for fun!

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Comment by Bladebearer on July 25, 2020 at 2:24pm

*reads the end of this*

*laughs in tired Master degree*

Comment by Bladebearer on May 19, 2013 at 8:58pm

glad you all are enjoying these. if you have any ideas for hacks, please let me know!

Comment by BladeAngel on May 19, 2013 at 8:51pm
Go Tangled!!
Comment by Bladebearer on May 19, 2013 at 8:24pm

Indeed they are. Tangled for the win!

Comment by Silver Phoenix on May 19, 2013 at 8:12pm

The Story Hackers strike again! 

Thallus: Frying pans are awesome. *smirks*

Comment by Bladebearer on May 18, 2013 at 3:17pm

coolio! gonna check it out!

Comment by BladeAngel on May 18, 2013 at 2:33pm

same here...bout to post part two for chapter 6

Comment by Bladebearer on May 18, 2013 at 2:26pm

I'm a Tangled fan and proud of it!!!!

Comment by BladeAngel on May 18, 2013 at 2:24pm

lol that part was funny with the frying pan

Comment by Bladebearer on May 18, 2013 at 2:22pm

I'm glad you love it. I hope I did it justice. I know MDub enjoyed getting to use her frying pan on the goons.

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