Have you ever wished to save a character in someone else's story? Did you ever want to ax that baddie before they got started? Did you ever wish those two love bird would ever get together. Then meet the Story Hackers! Charries for hire that enter your favorite stories to make them even better!


Rumor headed out of his room dressed nicely in a black tux with a dark purple tie. He ran into Goodfellow on his way out,and the two of them nodded heads. Together they left the main building to the back courtyard where another building stood. Tonight was the night of the Ten Rose Dance. For weeks, each had courted a special girl by giving her roses as well as other special gifts. Tonight was the climax to a week of expectation. Tonight was the night each would dance with their chosen girl. However, neither noticed a a mob of teens and young adults walking a ways behind them. A mixture of boys and girls dressed for the ball walked through the shadows headed in the same direction as the two friends.
"You think we'll be able to pull this off?" one girl whispered as her mis-matched eyes glistened in the star-light.
"We better," a goldened haired boy replied. "This has to be the most imporant hack we've ever done."
"Is that why we were all pulled in?" a silver-haired girl asked.
The boy nodded. "Right."
The two friends both headed over to the 2nd building just as the doors open outward towards them.They headed inside and soon found themselves standing at the top of a staircase with firey glowing spheres over their heads. That's when they notice the dance floor. Around it were black candle stands holding up to six to eight candles each. Slowly the went down the stairs all the while staring in awe.
"Jack! You came!"exclaimed a voice.
'Oh great...,"thought muttered Rumor.
Turning slightly,he could see Laurie running up to him. Laurie, a full-of-herself girl, had latched onto Rumor since the day he arrived. Going by the name Jack, Rumor had found it rather hard to get away from this girl. Laurie was wearing a pretty cobalt blue dress with a touch of silver. However, the gorgeous gown did little to hide her less-than-gorgeous personality. She stopped and wrapped her arms around Rumor's before dragging him away.
"I'm so glad you came!"gushed Laurie beaming at Rumor.
'I have a bad feeling about this,'thought Rumor as Laurie continued dragging him.
The crowd of Story Hackers made entrance  at top of the stairs just in time to see Rumor get dragged away by Laurie.
"She ditches him in a few, right?" MJ asked as she watched her target get dragged along like a fish on a pole.
"Correct," Jonathan replies. "You understand what to do?"
The mis-matched eyed one nodded as she headed in Rumor's direction.
"Vanilla at 2 o'clock!" Skyraptor pointed out a girl with vanilla colored hair and light blue eyes wearing a pretty pink gown walking towards Goodfellow.
"What do we do now?" Alex looks up at the leader of this hack.
Jonathan gets a look in his eye. "Forgive me, Alex." was all the warning the teen genius gets before Skyraptor teleports the boy to meet his date.
"Hello, miss!" Skyraptor greets the lady as he gets a firm grip on Alex.
"Do I know you?" Vanilla asks the two.
"We've chatted once or twice, but you see my 'friend' here has kinda been crushing on you since he first laid eyes on you and wonders if you would care to dance with him," Skyraptor beems.
Alex's face turned as white as his tux while his cheeks flushed as red as his bowtie.
"He does?" Vanilla asked hesitantly.
"Why, yes! But he's rather shy because why would a pretty lady like you want to go to the dance with a boy like him. However, I think a lovely girl like you would be flattered to be asked to dance by such a strong hero from a wealthy family."
Alex just stares into nothing.
Vanilla smiles. "I'd be honored to dance with you,-"
"His name is Alex." Sky pushes Alex in range of Vanilla's grasp. "Alex Anders. I hope you two have fun!"
Alex mechanically walks alongside his "date" while Skyraptor reports back to Jonathan.
"Alright, we've got to move! Avichayil is coming down the stairs, but Goodfellow doesn't notice her!"
Karen and her posse had moved to the dance floor to orchestrate the most important part of this night.
"And we are not to be regretting the knights of the mirrors," Maria Durbin spoke up as she tried to keep up. Her species was never one for wearing heels.
"Story, you're up!" Karen laid a silver-golved hand on Storyteller's shoulder. Story nodded as she took the paper butterfly from her purse. A swift move of her pen caused the paper creature to turn into a glorious jade butterfly and flit around the room to cary out its mission as Storyteller guided its flight.
Avi's friends left early to see the ballroom while Avi stood at the mirror checking herself over. Nodding,she placed the black sheer shawl over her head to settle by the neck before leaving the room. She made her way across the courtyard then into the 2nd building. She gasped in awe as soft firey glowing spheres floated by her from where she stood on the stairs. Avi slowly descends the stairs,like the sun at sunset. Her dress gleams like an emerald,growing brighter as more firelight fuels the sheen of her fabric.She is dusk turning to dawn.
Avi headed to the middle of the dance floor in hopes of seeing either Rumor or Goodfellow but she couldn't find em. Hugging herself, Avichayil lowered her head as other students danced around her.
She felt entirely alone.
Goodfellow was looking in all the wrong places for his lady. Just as he was about to give up on his search, a green butterfly glided past his face. He watched the thing, captivated by its flight. It came to rest in the tresses of a lady's hair as she descended down the stairs. Goodfellow watched this girl carefully make her way to the ballroom ground floor. As she looks around for a familiar face, Goodfellow realizes his love has arrived at last. He dashes down the stairs just as Avi's hopes fade. He tries to still his booming heart as he quietly comes alongside her.
"Avi." He softly calls her name. Avichayil lifts her head to find Goodfellow beaming down at her. The rise of her head causes the butterfly to dance off once more, though neither love notices. Goodfellow bows at the waist as he offers his lady his hand. "May I have this dance?"
Avi blushes as a shy smile creeps across her face. She places her hand in his. "Yes," she breathes.
Goodfellow takes his love into his arms as another dance begins. They gracefully fall into step together as the music swells around them.
"If music be the food of love, then play on," Karen whispers as she scans the room for their next target. Her hazel eyes alight on not him but another important quary. A boy wearing a black tux and a red tie was descending the stairs. His silvery powder blue hair bounced about his face.
"He's here, Maria," Karen nodded towards the Mirror Knight.
Maria's silver eyes glowed as bright as her matching mermaid gown. Karen knew that Maria had always
fancied Seprath and his mirror image Sephron. Karen knew that the knight would need another dance partner now that Avi was out of the picture for the night. Maria glanced at her mentor nervously. Karen understood.
"I think he'll be honored to dance with you," she answers.
"I am not being of the human varsity," Maria whispers back.
Karen lays her hands on Maria's bare shoulders. "Just be yourself. He'll appreciate it. This is your dream come true, isn't it?" Maria nods. "Then go for it. Live your dream."
Maria was still nervous as she approached the Mirror Knight.
"S-Seprath?" the Slyth girl stood before her crush. The Mirror Knight looked at her curiously. "Would you-I am to be asking-Perhaps maybe-"
Seprath offered Maria his arm. "I think you may need some punch. Your throat's so dry you can't even ask me to dance. Let's fix that, shall we?"
The two walked by Karen, who had been giving the knight a "show-her-some-respect" look. Very few could go against that look.
Wicked clutched the roses as he climbed a different set of stairs to the balcony where his leader and Laurie were.
"I'm glad your here Jack,"gushed Laurie.
Rumor nodded when he saw Wicked from the corner of his eye.
"Excuse me,"said Wicked.
"Yes?"asked Laurie turning to face the newcomer.
"Will you dance with me?"continued Wicked holding out the roses and his hand to Rumor's "lady".
"Sure! See you Jack!"said Laurie while taking both the roses and Wicked's hand.
Rumor watched looking confused then quickly bolted down the stairs to the circle of candles.
From there he could hear the song: 'Bonus Stage' as both Avi plus her dance partner moved around the floor.
MJ did her best to keep up with Rumor.
"I've got to snag him before anything else happens," MJ puffed as she raced down the stairs.
Rumor took a step onto the dance floor just as the song plus Goodfellow and Avi slow to an end.
Soon it'll be his turn. He took another step forward just as a girl in a burgandy gold-trimmed sheath dress cut in front of him. Her dual-colored eyes commanded his attention.
"Hi!" she wheezed almost out of breath. "Name's *haggard breath* MJ *pant* You *wheeze* dance with
me. *choke* Now!"
With that Rumor was whisked far away from Avi and her only dance partner of the night.
"Here they come," Jonathan whispered as he nodded towards the entrance. Just then Emere, Kasmira, Lisette, Jathniel, and Luthais appeared.
"Since Rumor is busy, we need another fellow to step in to dance with Emere." J's eyes focused on Sky.
Sky nodded in understanding. He straightened his white suit and purple tie before carefully walking over to the newcomers as the other fellows of the school came over. Sky offered his hand to Emere.
"Would the most beautiful girl in the room give me the honor of a dance this evening?" he asked as a dozen pearl white roses appeared between his fingers.
Emere nodded and took the hand as other couples made their way onto the dance floor. Japhet looked over at Kasmira then gestured to the floor. Kasmira blushed then followed Japhet. Jathniel looked over at Lisette before holding out a hand. Lisette smiled while taking the hand and Jathniel swept her across the floor.
J smiled as he saw everything going to plan. "Now for something a little special," he said to himself as he made his way to the dancefloor.
"Sure is a lovely setting for a dance, isn't it?" Karen asked Story as they watched the dancing couples. Story nodded. Even though she was blind, Story could see everything in perfect detail. Her inner sight kept focusing on MJ and Rumor. Especially Rumor. The Ink Prince. The leader of the Ink Rebels. Her leader. Her prince....
"Hello, ladies," Jonathan greeted the only two of his company not dancing or entertaining someone.
"It appears all is going well."
"Indeed," Karen agreed. Karen winked at the hack leader. It was time.
Jonathan bowed before Story. "Loveliest of all the Ink Rebels, Storyteller Rue, would you let this Time Walker have a dance with you?"
Storyteller's face blushed as crimson as the roses in her dirty grey hair. She giggled as she let Jonathan lead her out on the dance floor. Story's green satin gown was trimmed with red roses. It wished as she twirled about the floor.
"You do look lovely tonight, Story," Jonathan smiled at her. Story blushed.
"I'm glad you let me dance with you," he continued. Story looked down at her feet. She was a little embarrassed by how Jonathan had asked her to dance. And in front of Karen! She hoped Karen wouldn't be too mad that he had asked her over Karen for first dance.
"Partner change!" a voice cried beside them. Story felt herself being swapped out. She raised her sights to find that she was in the Ink Prince's arms. Story was so in shock that she couldn't move. She could only stare at Rumor in surprise. Rumor stared back at her. At that moment, the paper butterfly fell out of her purse and onto the dance floor. Rumor bent down to pick it up. He looked at the butterfly and then at Story. Story made move to get away. She was so embarrassed. However, a firm grip on her arm kept her from getting away. She turned to face Rumor. Rumor gently placed the paper creature amongst the flowers in her hair, using a little ink to make it stay in place.
He held up a note for her to read. "Storyteller, would you please dance with me?"
She glanced at the note then up at her leader. She was unsure what to do. She loved him, but how could she dance with him? She felt Rumor's hands on each side of her face. His focus was on her so she shifted hers to his. He bent down as if to kiss her, but stopped. She felt his hand undoing the wrap around her eyes. Before she could stop him, the yellowed rag gave way, revealing what she had been hiding: a pair of pale-grey orbs. Her sightless eyes blink for the first time in a long time.
She wasn't sure what to do. Rumor bent down to kiss her forehead.
"You really shouldn't hide your eyes," his new note read. "They are quite beautiful."
Story blushed as Rumor took her in his arms. They slowly danced across the floor as a new song began. Slowly, Story lowered her head till it came to rest on his shoulder. She sighed happily as she felt Rumor's head lean against hers. She was getting to dance with her prince.
"That's everyone," Karen beamed as J emerged from the dancers with MJ at his side.
"Yeah, just us three in need of something to do," J replied. He turned to MJ. "Miss Ekalb-"
"One dance is enough for me thanks!" MJ quickly cut in. "I'm going to keep an eye on Laurie and watch out for Cassiel." She cracked her knuckles. "I've been waiting for this for a long time." With that, there were two.
"So, we have a couple of hours left before this whole things ends. How should we pass the time?" Karen asked.
Jonathan took Karen by her silver-gloved hand. "Karen, I know you want to dance. You wouldn't be in that dress if you didn't want to."
Karen looks down at her powder blue ball gown. He was right. She did want to dance. With him.
"Shall we?" she asked.
Jonathan smiles at her as they both slowly fall into step with the music. Tonight was a night that everyone's dreams came true.
I watch these characters enjoy a night full of magic and romance. I can't help but smile as the last two finally join the dancing throng. I love it when a plan comes together.


This was a requested hack from BladeAngel. This is my first totally romance hack as well as my first requested hack. Thank you BladeAngel for hiring the Story Hackers! I hope you enjoy this hack.

Scenes taken from "The Fairoze: Rise of the Souls" by BladeAngel(starting on page 38 if you want to read the original story). Rumor, Goodfellow, Laurie, Wicked, Vanilla, Cassiel, Emere, Kasmira, Lisette, Jathaniel, and Lithias belong to BladeAngel. Codebearers and The Bookshop belong to The Miller Brothers. Jonathan (J), Karen, Maria, MJ Ekalb, Alex Anders, Skyraptor, and Storyteller Rue belong to the realms of the Story Hackers!

This is written for fun. This is in no way meant to be insulting or belittling. This is just for fun!

Alex did get back at Skyraptor for the whole Vanilla thing. But that is another story.

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I agree good work Story Hackers ^~^
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Yay! Good work Story Hackers. :) 

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Thanks. I'm glad you like.

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Its beautiful (Epic!!)
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is that good or bad?

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Me:*utterly speechless*
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