why can't life be more like these stories? heroes are here, but they act as if under a spell. why do we read tales of those in enchantments when we cannot see those under enchantment around us? even ourselves? how can be break such spells? those enchanted can't help those under the same? we are a world walking in a daze, and we can't wake from it. these tales remind us for a moment before the spell calls us back to the fog of what we think to eb reality. is there no hope for these fallen heroes? for us? or are we doomed to such spells forever?


are there any of us who aren't under these such spells? any who can wake the princess? any who can love the beast? anyone at all?


or is all hope lost?

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Comment by BladeAngel on June 28, 2011 at 8:41am
I believe that all hope is not lost

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